FormAssembly’s Simplicity Provides the Perfect Complement to Cal State East Bay’s CRM Overhaul

The Form Advocates

Dan Bellone

Marketing Director

Vanessa Llave

Marketing Coordinator

Julie Reynoso

Manager Student Systems

Case Study Snapshot

Prior to choosing an effective CRM platform, campus staff at Cal State East Bay spotted a gap in the school’s ability to collect and gather interested leads. With no way to track potential students, they knew they were missing out on the ability to capture new applicants. Alongside the school’s Salesforce adoption, FormAssembly became the vehicle by which staff could improve communication while tracking and processing new leads and applications.


  • Operates as an extension school within Cal State East Bay.
  • Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a Top 10 college for diversity in the west.
  • Focuses on adult learning for mid-career individuals looking for change.
  • Offers more than more than 40 degree and certificate programs.

The Numbers


began working with FormAssembly

forms created to date


of course enrollments now managed with FormAssembly


increase in leads during the year following switch to Salesforce and FormAssembly

The Problem

Lacking a CRM with a Form-Building Fix

Cal State East Bay’s journey to FormAssembly began with its Salesforce adoption. To make the entire CRM implementation process more streamlined, staff decided to fully change the look and functionality of their website in one concentrated initiative.

“FormAssembly came to the top of the list for a website form-builder that could make all these crazy connections between our website, all the forms we used, and Salesforce,” Bellone shared.

Before the adoption, they were dealing with high volumes of paper throughout various administrative processes, which included student applications.

“To make matters worse, we were using some archaic form builder,” Bellone said.

FormAssembly came to the top of the list for a website form-builder that could make all these crazy connections between our website, all the forms we used, and Salesforce. . .

The Solution

Leverage FormAssembly to Fuel Website Overhaul

Cal State East Bay began working with FormAssembly in 2014 and has since created 129 forms. Campus forms include student-facing processes such as ‘Request More Info’ forms and program applications, in addition to internal forms that help improve correspondence between constituents.

Flow of Communication

Since implementing FormAssembly, Cal State East Bay has seen improved communication. The school’s web forms include built-in connectors that sync information to the main database, PeopleSoft, which provides real-time access to better student data.

“Collecting data through one set web form makes it easier when it comes to organizing incoming information. This allows us to use the same form for different programs,” Reynoso explained.

Additionally, FormAssembly opens the door for prospective students to ask more questions, which has a positive effect on starting conversations for future enrollments.

“People were wanting more information, wanting to ask questions, and didn’t have a way to do it before. Now, the power behind that is FormAssembly,” Bellone said.

Easy-to-Build Connectors

FormAssembly’s connectors make it easy for staff to keep information organized as it filters to Salesforce. As an added bonus, those who work directly with FormAssembly report that the setup for each integration is pain-free.

“Building the connectors within our forms is really simple,” Reynoso shared.

Eliminating Spam with Formulas

Because the campus uses FormAssembly to gather information from interested leads, spam maintenance is vital. Staff use conditional logic, date stamping, and formulas to keep spam entries in check.

Building the connectors within our forms is really simple

Use Cases

Smart forms power campaign landing pages for interested students

One unique way that Cal State East Bay uses FormAssembly is by creating forms for various program-specific landing pages. These smart forms are tagged and coded to identify which leads came from which campaign. These forms are branded to the website look and feel, but intuitively identify the program a student is interested in. In turn, leads are put into communication funnels for future outreach.

“FormAssembly is the key to making everything kick off,” Bellone said.

The use case possibilities are endless. Staff can take URLs from the various landing pages and use those to drive campaigns in Google AdWords. Moreover, date stamping allows staff to track time to conversion for a better grasp on the full-scale decision process.

Request for information form embedded on a program website. (click image to enlarge)
An information request form for prospective students. (click image to enlarge)

Web forms enable seamless course registration process

Cal State East Bay also uses FormAssembly to drive the course selection and registration process for students. As a result, 95% of course registration now takes place online. When students select open courses for the next term, FormAssembly’s connectors feed their course selections directly into student records within Salesforce.

Staff implement FormAssembly for campus operations

The college operates a branch campus in downtown Oakland, California. This location regularly operates as a rental facility for corporate events, community gatherings, and business meetings. There are several forms associated with the reservation process for this space, and FormAssembly helps Cal State East Bay staff organize and streamline this process.

Other internal use cases include requesting reporting and creating new lead records.

What’s Next?

We have FormAssembly really well-integrated

Campus staff are hopeful that the current uses for FormAssembly are just the beginning. Many new uses are in the pilot stage, including a supplemental program application that may soon be expanded to degree programs.

For now, “We have FormAssembly really well-integrated,” Bellone said.

Whether it comes to tracking interested leads, enabling online registration, or handling internal requests, FormAssembly is a powerful solution for the most in-depth higher education data needs.

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