Web Forms for Nonprofits 101

Free FormAssembly + Idealist Consulting White Paper

Less data entry, more of the work you love

A flexible form solution can be used for use cases ranging from job applications to event registration to donations. Even better, forms can help streamline disjointed processes and cut out time-consuming data entry. This joint whitepaper from FormAssembly and Idealist Consulting goes through the basics of implementing a form solution and getting the most benefit out of it for your investment. Curious to find out how forms could transform your nonprofit’s day-to-day?

The Co-Authors

Salesforce-connected web form solution built to streamline processes.
Idealist Consulting
CRM, marketing automation, and other technology solutions for nonprofits.

In our whitepaper, you'll learn

Why you need a form solution
How to implement one
Multiple use cases, by department

Can forms help your nonprofit?

The sooner you know, the sooner you can start saving money, resources, and time, and maximizing worthwhile work.

Idealist Consulting + FormAssembly White Paper 

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