Understanding the Importance of Data Stewardship

How to Effectively Manage and Secure Customer Data

Download our Data Stewardship Whitepaper written by Cedric Savarese, FormAssembly’s CEO.

Recent years have brought unprecedented changes to how organizations collect, manage, and secure customer data. As consumer trust diminishes, regulations surrounding data continue to grow in complexity and threats to personal data abound. For many organizations, achieving data integrity and security in this rapidly evolving environment is an increasing challenge.

In our Data Stewardship whitepaper, you’ll gain strategic guidance on how to move from data ownership to data stewardship to restructure your approach to customer data and help your organization:

  • Understand the five tenets of data stewardship
  • Improve and maintain data integrity
  • Build customer trust in your organization
  • Enhance compliance with data-related laws

About FormAssembly

FormAssembly provides organizations in highly regulated industries with a secure, trusted data collection solution that meets advanced national and international data privacy standards. Our platform holds compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, and other regulations as well as maintains FedRAMP Ready status. Thousands of organizations leverage FormAssembly to simplify and automate complex data collection workflows while maintaining strict adherence to data security and compliance standards.