Web Form for Donations Checklist:

12 things to check before launching your nonprofit’s donation web forms

How to gather maximum donations for maximum impact

This free checklist includes the top 12 steps to follow to make sure your donation forms are effective, user-friendly, and streamlined before sharing them with donors.

Are your donation forms effective?

As a nonprofit professional, you and your organization are working hard to deliver goods and services in order to make an impact on your community. But, your organization relies on donations to thrive. Too often, donation forms are complicated and confusing, causing would-be donors to postpone—or worse, abandon—their donation forms altogether. So, how can you make sure that each donor who visits your website has a seamless donation experience, start to finish, that makes them want to come back and donate again? That’s what this checklist is all about.

In this checklist, you’ll discover the top 12 things that you should check before sharing your donation forms with your contributors. No matter what type of fundraising campaign you’re building forms for, you’ll want to have this checklist on hand to make sure your forms are optimized for maximum giving potential. Fill out the form on this page to get your copy of the interactive checklist, and feel free to share this knowledge with your colleagues in the nonprofit space!

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