Partner Tutorial: Rephrase Consulting

You already know the many ways there are to use FormAssembly with Salesforce, but it’s especially helpful to see real-life examples of those systems being combined in innovative ways.

This tutorial, from our partner Frazer Lewis at Rephrase Consulting, covers a start-to-finish grant application management process created using FormAssembly, Salesforce, and Drawloop. The process includes:

  1. An initial application form gathering details about the grant and the requester that creates a new account record and a contact record (with the grant application attached) in Salesforce.
  2. Automated emails sent to the grant requester.
  3. An assessment form that can be used by people without a Salesforce login (and the ability to mass-send applications to people for assessment).
  4. Additional forms from grant acceptance to an RSVP form for a grant onboarding event, to an onboarding event feedback form, all connected with Salesforce with lots of neat automation built in.
  5. Dashboards with helpful insights into information collected through the forms.



Like this video? You can learn more about our partner Rephrase Consulting on their website.

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