[eBook] Use FormAssembly With Salesforce to Streamline Processes and Optimize Data Collection


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FormAssembly and Salesforce are two powerful tools with a wide range of features and capabilities in their own right. Used together, there’s almost no limit the amount of customizations and different situations you could prepare for. That’s what we show you in our latest eBook “Salesforce + FormAssembly: Streamlining processes and optimizing data collection.”

Since so many of our customers use Salesforce as their CRM, we wanted to offer a comprehensive overview of the many different possibilities and benefits of using FormAssembly to Salesforce. We’re covered several different industries and use cases, so chances are you’ll find one that applies to you and your company.

If you’ve never used FormAssembly, we think you’ll be pretty amazed with all the ways it can connect to your Salesforce account. But even if you’re a veteran Salesforce/FormAssembly user, this eBook may give you some awesome new ideas for how to do things better, faster, and more efficiently in your organization.

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In this new book you’ll get:

Chapter 1: Real-Life Use Cases You Can Apply to your Industry

An industry-by-industry overview of the ways that people can and do use FormAssembly and Salesforce. We have examples from a range of industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Businesses (small and large)
  • Higher Education
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Consulting Agencies

You’ll learn how companies like Lenovo, Fresno Pacific University, and Aetna Pharmacy Management Use FormAssembly and our strong Salesforce connection to streamline business and fix inefficient or broken processes. Not only will you see examples of how companies have used FormAssembly and Salesforce together, but you’ll also get ideas for how the connection could benefit your business.

Chapter 2: Best Practices and Helpful Advice on Collecting Customer Data

We’re not just form experts at FormAssembly, we’re data collection experts, too. You’ll get a taste of that in this chapter. Whether you’re talking about collecting customer information, collecting payments, sending attachments to Salesforce and more, this chapter should answer your questions.

Chapter 3: Still More Neat Ways You Can Use FormAssembly With Your Salesforce Account

What does Web-to-Anything mean and how can it help your business? How can our prefill function make your job easier? How can FormAssembly act as a replacement for Stay-In-Touch? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this section of our eBook.

You’ll also learn about our mobile app, which can be used whether you integrate FormAssembly with Salesforce or without. Either way, use of the mobile app allows you to collect information on the go (with or without internet) wherever your job might take you.

Chapter 4: Everything You Need to Know About Our Impressive Data Security Options

If the Salesforce integration weren’t reason enough to give FormAssembly (and this eBook) a try, our robust security practices are. There are some of the key elements that we’ll cover in the eBook:

  • HIPAA: With our Compliance Cloud Enterprise offering, healthcare customers can feel secure about transferring Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) through FormAssembly forms.
  • PCI DSS: We recently attained PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, which demonstrates our commitment to handling data securely across the board.

Chapter 5: All About the Salesforce Clouds and Using FormAssembly With Them

Our Salesforce eBook wouldn’t be complete without touching on the specialized set-ups that many of our customers use, including the Health Cloud, Government Cloud, and Nonprofit Starter Pack. In this Chapter, we also go over our connections with the Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Chapter 6: A Comprehensive Starter Guide to Using FormAssembly With Salesforce

Yep, we thought of everything in this eBook. If you get to the end of Chapter 5 and you’re interested in learning how you can try out the FormAssembly to Salesforce connection as soon as possible (which we’re almost positive you will be), we’ve included a quick guide to getting started with FormAssembly and Salesforce. Yeah, we’re just thoughtful like that.

Our Salesforce + FormAssembly integration is one of the key features of our product, and we have countless examples of customers using it to their advantage. If you use Salesforce for your business, agency, nonprofit organization, school or any other type of entity, FormAssembly is the obvious choice for a form creation and data collection solution. Download this free eBook and discover what seamless integration with Salesforce really means.

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