FormAssembly Partner Highlight: VisitOps

VisitOps Overview

FormAssembly partner VisitOps is a native Salesforce app that helps companies manage customer visits and run briefing programs. VisitOps makes it easier to manage all the various activities involved with these programs, including scheduling and coordinating events, creating agendas, and gathering feedback from customers and visitors post-event. Their ability to integrate with Salesforce makes them the natural choice for companies that rely Salesforce as their CRM.

Why Use VisitOps?

Customer visits and briefing programs are by no means new forms of connecting with customers, but the ability to collect the information gained from briefings and seamlessly connect it with the larger sales process and business goals has historically been limited. Because of this, the impact and value of such programs hasn’t always been clear or measurable.

This is the problem that a solution like VisitOps solves. According to Diane Lubinskas, President of VisitOps, a connection to Salesforce is important for companies that want to understand what role briefing programs play in their sales process as a whole.

“The first step is to make sure that as briefings are conducted, you can track them throughout their lifecycle and include them when developing sales strategies and measuring impact on business. In the past, briefing data has typically been missing from business metrics and analytics because there was no direct connection to opportunities. Now, that’s a thing of the past,” she said in an August 2016 interview with us about her work with Lenovo’s Executive Briefing Center.

VisitOps creates a direct connection to Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts and gives visibility to how high-impact briefing experiences influence customer decisions, solidify relationships and uncover opportunities for incremental business. Additionally, the Salesforce connection helps companies maintain and view a more complete picture of sales information in the convenient, familiar Salesforce format.

How VisitOps + FormAssembly Helped Lenovo’s Executive Briefing Center

One mutual customer of FormAssembly and VisitOps is the Lenovo Executive Briefing Center. We completed a case study about the FormAssembly-VisitOps solution that enabled Lenovo to coordinate event requests from business partners with and without Salesforce IDs and further their goal of taking briefing programs to the next level.

Here’s an excerpt from the case study:

In the Spring of 2015, Lenovo’s Executive Briefing Center began working with VisitOps, a native Salesforce application that helps companies manage all aspects of customer visits and briefings, including scheduling, managing rooms, building agendas, sending surveys, and running reports. Sellers that have Salesforce IDs can use the VisitOps app to request briefings.


Diane worked with Lenovo to find a form solution that could bridge the gap between sales information stored in Salesforce and the actions of business partners that weren’t Salesforce members. Her goal was to find a tool that enabled “flexibility, configurability, and the deep connection with Salesforce.”

The Lenovo Executive Briefing Center now uses a web portal, created by VisitOps, that allows non-Salesforce users to request briefings through FormAssembly forms. The web portal is used in the U.S. at two Raleigh locations, Lenovo’s Stuttgart, Germany office, and in two China locations.


“Lenovo’s vision is to lead the way in how a connection between briefing and Salesforce information can be used to create new customer insights and drive business. The joining of this data opens up a plethora of new analytics and metrics that help them create focused, high-impact briefing experiences for their customers,” Diane said. “And FormAssembly became a huge enabler in helping them achieve that vision.”

Key VisitOps Services

VisitOps provides several important services for managing briefing programs and customer visits:

  • Scheduling Coordination: The VisitOps app gives companies a visual way to manage their calendars and see which rooms are booked at which times.
  • Event Requests: In our case study on Lenovo’s use of VisitOps and FormAssembly, we described how Lenovo uses portals created by VisitOps to allow business partners to request briefing events.
  • Agenda Creation: Using an intuitive interface, companies can plan out an entire customer visit from start to finish, including inviting and managing speakers and booking multiple rooms for agenda sessions.
  • Pre and Post-Event Feedback: Before and after briefing engagements, VisitOps allows customers to collect feedback and automatically incorporates the results in briefing and contact records  enriching their understanding of the event’s effectiveness.


With their easy-to-use tools, VisitOps has provided multiple companies with a focused understanding of the benefits of briefing programs and how they fit in with the larger customer journey.

Learn more about VisitOps on their website, or visit their page on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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