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3 Customers Share How FormAssembly Helps them Achieve More Every Day

FormAssembly’s advanced web form and data collection platform has boosted productivity for businesses within every industry, including healthcare, government, higher education, financial services, nonprofit, and more. In this blog, we highlight some of our top FormAssembly customer stories, featuring customers who have been able to achieve more with FormAssembly.

The Spark Program saves more time, brings in more employees

The Spark Program is a career exploration and discovery program designed for middle school students. Spark offers “real-world experiences, curriculum, workshops, and resources that enable middle school students to explore careers and self-discovery.”

FormAssembly is helping Spark achieve more by reducing the time it takes to enter data, as well as reducing onboarding time for new employees and fellows. Spark has also been able to save more time with the help of FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration.

“FormAssembly is what allows us to scale from 1,200 to 12,000 mentors per year. Clearly we can’t do all that data entry,” said Michael Kolodner, Director of Information Systems at Spark.

The Spark Program aims to expand their reach to even more students and mentors in the near future. FormAssembly’s web form solution allows Spark to achieve more by sustaining their rapid growth. See the full case study.

Promontory Network collects more data

Promontory Interfinancial Network provides tools that enable financial institutions to offer access to multimillion-dollar FDIC insurance, manage liquidity, grow loans, and manage asset concentrations.

FormAssembly allows organizations to collect an unlimited number of responses through initiatives like customer surveys. Because of this, Promontory Network has been able to continually bring in more useful information and responses from its customers.

“If anyone asks, there’s a form for that. It’s so easy and simple. In the past, I’d try to limit how many forms I used because it was a chore to update them,” said Bobby McDaniel, Director of Marketing Technology & Analytics at Promontory Network.

On the marketing side alone, Promontory Network already uses about 30-40 forms. The team hopes to find even more use cases for FormAssembly web forms as more projects and needs arise. See the full case study.

Multnomah County spends more time in the community

Multnomah County has a Lead Poisoning Prevention Program that helps residents test for lead amounts in drinking water. Before FormAssembly, requests were manually entered into a database, requiring weeks of data collection. Now, 75% of those requests are processed through FormAssembly’s web form platform. This means that the Multnomah County team can spend more time out in the community instead of manually entering data in the office.

FormAssembly allows the Multnomah County team to solve many use cases with confidence. In addition to the 11 web forms currently in use, the team at Multnomah County is working to onboard six more form projects in the near future. See the full case study.

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