Case Study Background


Supermums Uses FormAssembly for Powerful External Training and Streamlined Internal Processes

Vicki Moritz-Henry

Head of Training

Case Study Snapshot

FormAssembly is proud to sponsor and highlight Supermums, an initiative started by Certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant, Heather Black. Heather founded Economic Change, a Salesforce consulting agency that helps nonprofit groups in the United Kingdom establish strategy-driven results through technology. Supermums is a growing offshoot that empowers working parents around the world in their pursuit of well-paid, flexible, and established careers working in Salesforce.

Not only does Supermums use FormAssembly throughout various training programs for participants, but staff members also implement web forms internally. FormAssembly provides an easy-to-use data collection platform for a variety of needs and projects.

About Supermums

  • Trains and equips mothers and fathers who desire to return to the workforce after a period of caring primarily for their children and families.
  • Provides a hands-on program that incorporates FormAssembly as part of third-party software and application training.
  • Supermums students offer over 3,600 hours of pro bono support to 92 charities in the United Kingdom.

The numbers


months of internal use


internal forms in use


complete training course cycles


international Salesforce mentors

The Need

Manual Styling and Upkeep

One of my biggest pain points was the designer we needed to use for our last solution.

”One of my biggest pain points was the designer we needed to use for our last solution,” Vicki reported.

The form designer Supermums previously used required users to have Microsoft Word downloaded on each computer, and it didn’t support Office 365 or Mac. Since these systems were both heavily used by the Supermums team, it was a frustrating problem. Whenever staff needed to update a form, the styling process was manual and slow.

The Solution

An Array of Practical Features

FormAssembly’s field mapping functionality is a top-notch feature.

The team at Supermums enjoys FormAssembly’s e-signature functionality, with the validation through email for added authentication. The Salesforce Prefill Connector also saves time and manual effort when it comes to completing necessary fields. Vicki shared that FormAssembly’s field mapping functionality is a top-notch feature that allows logging all the forms in Salesforce connected to the related Contact. FormAssembly’s styling, branding, and customization options are also much easier to use than other solutions and provide a consistent look and feel for both staff and form respondents.

Use Cases

Online Application Forms

Applicants leverage FormAssembly to apply for a program of choice.

Supermums maintains a wide variety of online application forms that encompass different program offerings. These forms include both the Platform Developer I Application and Admin Course Application. To receive an application form (that is integrated with Salesforce on the back-end), interested participants apply to receive an information pack. Then, Supermums reaches out with content and an application.

Contact Us Forms

FormAssembly provides easy-to-use forms for embedding on websites.

FormAssembly is an incredible platform for both simple and complex use cases. Supermums leverages the simplicity with an easy-to-use Contact Us form available on the homepage.

Download an Interest Pack

Download an Interest Pack



What’s Next?

In the near future, Vicki shared that Supermums plans to move all online forms to FormAssembly. Previously, the organization’s web forms were spread out over multiple different solutions. This change will save substantial time, since staff will no longer need to search for where a form originated. Using FormAssembly also helps with branding and consistency.

As an organization, Supermums will be utilizing the e-signature feature for the EMEA admin cohort starting in November, and for the first admin cohort in the United States starting in December. The team at Supermums also plans to move all forms requiring GDPR compliance over to FormAssembly.

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