Case Study Background


Multnomah County Uses FormAssembly to Achieve Administrative Success in Business Units

Susie Turpin

Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder

Case Study Snapshot

The IT Salesforce team at Multnomah County works with several municipal departments. The team is tasked with providing quick, well-built apps and solutions that help deliver services to Multnomah County residents through technological advancements and an innovative web form platform. Susie Turpin, Salesforce Lead, recently shared how FormAssembly promotes fast and efficient data collection.


  • Provides services to more than 766,000 residents across the Portland Metro area.
  • Multnomah County uses Salesforce as part of a digital transformation strategy.
  • Multnomah County‚Äôs goal is to build applications rapidly for various business units.
  • Comprised of 8 departments: Community Justice, Community Services, County Assets, Human Services, County Management, Health Department, Library, and Elected Officials.

The numbers


Salesforce usersSalesforce users


applications built on Salesforce


business units served by FormAssembly


active web forms in use

The Need

Time-Saving Installations

…the time and effort [of our previous solution] was not sustainable.

In years past, the IT team at Multnomah County was using another web form vendor with their Salesforce instance. The previous solution was a product that was installed in their Salesforce instance. The installation aspect became especially problematic when staff needed to refresh the instance. It was at least a 4-hour process to get everything set up again. Due to how many forms the IT team wanted to keep building, they recognized that the time and effort was not sustainable.

The Solution

A Connected Web Form Platform

When we spin up a new sandbox for a new project, all we have to do is reconnect FormAssembly, and it works. It’s minutes versus hours trying to reconfigure a form test environment to work with new apps we are building.

The fact that the Multnomah IT team could connect FormAssembly to their instance rather than install it was a huge relief and selling point. FormAssembly‚Äôs Salesforce connector provides a streamlined method for collecting and syncing data in real time through their web form platform. Turpin and the Salesforce team also benefit from several other unique aspects of FormAssembly.

Transfer Tool

Multnomah County currently uses a FormAssembly sandbox account and a FormAssembly production account. The transfer tool makes switching forms between these accounts seamless.

‚ÄúThis is a safe way to build what we need. It was one of our top criteria. When we spin up a new sandbox for a new project, all we have to do is reconnect FormAssembly, and it works. It‚Äôs minutes versus hours trying to reconfigure a form test environment to work with new apps we are building.‚ÄĚ Turpin said.

Connection to CyberSource

FormAssembly‚Äôs CyberSource Connector was also a huge selling point for Multnomah County IT staff. The prior form solution was not compatible with CyberSource at all, which made it impossible to collect payments. The CyberSource integration makes it possible to collect one-time and recurring payments.

Contact Matching

Multnomah County’s Salesforce org includes thousands of contacts. When team members build forms, FormAssembly’s connector matching capabilities help prevent duplicates. In turn, they can ensure clean and organized data.

Phone Number Masking

When it comes to integrating forms and Salesforce records, ‚Äėphone number‚Äô is one of Multnomah County‚Äôs matching criteria. Any data coming in from FormAssembly can be masked to come in however staff members need or want it to land in Salesforce.

Use Cases

Water Testing Kits

Web forms increase internal productivity and help staff spend more time in the community

Multnomah County has a Lead Poisoning Prevention Program that helps residents test for lead amounts in drinking water. Before this process was in Salesforce, the program got requests via an email account that were then manually entered into a database. The effort involved weeks’ worth of time on data collection. With FormAssembly, 75% of those requests are now processed through the web form platform. For this particular business unit, it means that they can spend more time out in the community versus entering data in the office.

WIC Eligibility

Web forms with uploads make eligibility verification processes easier

The Multnomah County Health Department employees needed to receive eligibility documentation for local residents applying for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), so the Salesforce team turned to FormAssembly for the solution. The web form gathers applicants‚Äô demographic information and prompts them to upload required documentation. All of the data and attachments feed directly into Salesforce. The eligibility form process also makes use of multi-language forms.

Class Registration

Department of Community Justice Class Registration (Future Project)

When residents in Multnomah County file for divorce, they are required to take a parenting class through the Department of Community Justice. A FormAssembly form will soon power this process. Residents will be able to submit their registration form online and make payments through CyberSource.


What’s Next?

As the team at Multnomah County continues to scope out new Salesforce projects, Turpin says they always put out feelers for which projects or groups could benefit from FormAssembly’s web form platform. As a result of utilizing FormAssembly, they know that they can solve many use cases with confidence. In addition to the 11 web forms currently in use, the team at Multnomah County is working to onboard six more form projects in the near future.

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