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Cadence Bank Chooses FormAssembly for Functionality and Salesforce Integration

Carl Lange,

Software Professional


As a software professional for a growing financial services organization, Carl Lange is accustomed to watching for new applications that can improve Cadence Bank’s internal processes.

“I saw FormAssembly and thought ‘we’re going to need this.’ Then, in the middle of a vendor review process, the need popped up,” Lange said.

FormAssembly provides a solution for Cadence Bank’s online account application needs, particularly as they grow, merge with existing banks, and comply with regulatory standards. FormAssembly’s powerful Salesforce integration is helping Cadence Bank with a three-fold strategy to integrate online forms into their core business and CRM processes.


Cadence Bank was founded nearly 10 years ago by a team of veteran Georgia bankers from the Macon and metro Atlanta area. Cadence Bank is described as a “super-community” bank, with seven of the eight largest markets in Georgia. They pride themselves on their dependability, reliability, and commitment to the community. Cadence Bank currently employs over 800 employees and has completed successful mergers with a total of 18 banks since its inception.

The numbers


Cadence Bank employees


FormAssembly forms ready for use


Distinct phases for web form implementation

The Need

Vendor Shortfalls and Merger Needs

Cadence Bank’s internal need came as they were working to maintain an online application for one of the bank’s account options.

Cadence Bank’s internal need came as they were working to maintain an online application for one of the bank’s account options. As staff looked ahead to future regulatory changes already in the pipeline, they recognized the need to have their own managed form solution.

As a rapidly expanding organization, Cadence Bank also needed a way to tackle web forms as they merged with other banks. One bank in particular had an existing application form, but Cadence Bank would have had to convert that form using an outside vendor. FormAssembly opened the door to converting these pre-existing web forms in such a way as to ease the burden of mergers while satisfying regulatory changes.

The Solution

Easy Web Form Integration with Advanced Capabilities

We are going through a transformation in the bank around Salesforce. Over 30 projects we’re working on are related to Salesforce.

FormAssembly provided the means for Cadence Bank to convert their web forms in ways that would satisfy federal regulatory changes in the works. Additionally, FormAssembly allowed Cadence Bank to convert the form processes of other banks they were looking to merge, which will continue to be a need as they grow.

Salesforce Integration

One of the primary reasons that Cadence Bank opted for FormAssembly was because of its powerful Salesforce integration.

With such an organizational shift towards Salesforce, Cadence Bank needed a form solution that would seamlessly connect to their existing CRM while opening up opportunities for cohesive future projects. The FormAssembly Salesforce Connector provides an unmatched solution, as form data is now imported directly to Salesforce.

Dashboard View

By using FormAssembly, Cadence Bank is now able to process account applications with more speed and accuracy. Now, the bank can streamline follow-up steps with each applicant and track where an application is at each step in the approval process. By using an easily-accessible dashboard, they are able to keep tabs on applications without tedious paper processes or undue burden on staff members.

Conditional Formatting and Attachments

Cadence Bank also utilizes FormAssembly’s conditional formatting features for complex forms that require an applicant to submit detailed personal information. They can also collect documents from clients who need to submit commercial licensing paperwork and proof of identity for various business applications. FormAssembly’s attachment capabilities provide a simplified way for customers to attach this information as they submit applications.

Confidential Information

As a financial services organization, Cadence Bank requires a secure method to collect data from their customers, not only to maintain their reputation and to protect clients, but also to meet federal regulations for data collection.

Use Cases

Use Case

Consumer and Commercial Account Applications are tailored to assist the bank’s customers.

Cadence Bank primarily uses FormAssembly for their consumer and commercial account applications, which make up a large portion of their account products. These application forms are housed on the bank’s main website, and there are multiple variations of these forms available, depending upon the need of the customer.

“The end users for these forms are our Client Services Group. About 20 people have access to these submitted forms and are able to process them,” Lange said.

Variations of the forms (in-person versus online) allow Cadence Bank to cater to the needs of their customers. They recognize that many individuals still want to come to a bank branch and speak with a representative who can help them submit a form in-person, so they’ve worked with FormAssembly to tailor their web forms accordingly. Small variations are present within these forms. Features such as validation, acceptance, and notification are altered based on how the form is submitted.


What’s Next?

Although fairly new to FormAssembly, Cadence Bank has big plans to grow and expand their use cases. They have a 3-phase plan in place with hopes to continue launching new form projects throughout the year. The second phase of their strategic plan includes working to automate signatures on application packages, making it a fully automated end-to-end process.

“Phase 3 includes improving applications all the way back to our core systems. If someone fits within a scale or rating, we may be able to automate some of the process of pulling them into the core system. Or, we may be able to further automate the opening of accounts,” Lange said.

FormAssembly provides endless possibilities for an organization like Cadence Bank that is striving continually to improve upon its internal processes and customer service.

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