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InLoop Cuts Helpline Call Volume by 60% with Digital Forms


forms used daily.


cases managed daily.


reduction in helpline call volume.


InLoop is an Australian business focused on developing technologies that solve complex issues with smart and simple solutions. It houses several smaller brands, including Flexischools — a platform that enables families to order school canteen food through a convenient app. With FormAssembly, Flexischools efficiently serves both families and suppliers using over 50 active forms that aid in ticketing, troubleshooting, and feedback requests.


Prior to implementing FormAssembly, Flexischools struggled to create forms that were coherent, direct, and helpful. Their users experienced tech-related issues with existing forms and needed a solution that was easy, readable, and to the point. Form creators wanted users to be able to navigate through each form and provide answers without frustration.

“[FormAssembly] is a great way to reach the goals that are important to us, making the forms as simple and direct as possible. We can’t live without this.”

Doha Goreishi

Junior Operations Associate


With FormAssembly, Flexischools uses contact forms to link helpful FAQ articles, provide a direct point-of-contact, or create new ticketing requests. One of Flexischools’ initiatives using FormAssembly was creating a mobile-responsive contact form consistent with FAQ pages that users could access from their phone or the Flexischools mobile app. This has resolved congestion in the ticketing platform and reduced call volume with their customer success team by 60%. Now, the team only attends to critical issues over the phone that cannot be solved using other channels.



forms in active use.


daily cases managed.


reduction in helpline call volume.

Feature Highlights

Doha shared some of the FormAssembly features that help Flexischools provide a better experience for parents and suppliers.

Conditional Formatting

This feature allows Flexischools to make their forms shorter and easier to fill out by hiding questions that are not relevant based on prior answers.

Theme Editor

When creating a form, Flexischools can apply prebuilt themes to maintain consistent branding.

Hidden Fields

FormAssembly’s Access Control feature allows Flexischools to turn any field into a hidden field. Hidden fields can be used to trigger certain conditionals based on information that is being prefilled from a respondent’s information.

Version History

This feature saves past versions of forms. Flexischools use this feature to clone forms and test updates.

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