Quick Tip: Resend corrected responses in the Salesforce Connector Log

If you’re a Salesforce user, here’s a tip!
If you get a response that triggers an error in the Salesforce Connector — for instance, the respondent entered a date in the incorrect format — then you’ll need to correct the response and re-send it through the connector.
You can go the long way and ask the respondent to correct their response, but sometimes it’s faster to fix it yourself, particularly if the issue is just a typo.
To speed up the process, you can do all this from the Salesforce Connector Log.


  1. Go to the Connectors tab and click view log for the Salesforce v2.0 Connector.
  2. Find the buggy response (the text will be in red). Click View ResponseEdit this response.
  3. Make the necessary changes and press the submit button — don’t worry, it won’t activate any email notifications. This will only edit the response that’s already been submitted.
  4. Go back to the Connector Log and click Resend.

You’re done!
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