Product Update: Changes to FormAssembly’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector


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FormAssembly’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector allows users to easily create subscribers, assign subscribers to lists, and send information to custom data extensions. Using FormAssembly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a great way to streamline processes and further improve connections with customers.

In case you missed it, our connector was updated earlier this year to improve the way it works with SFMC’s new enhanced API. In this blog, we provide details on FormAssembly’s SFMC Connector and its recent updates.

Update details

In 2019, Salesforce Marketing Cloud made their enhanced functionality default across all new packages. In light of this, FormAssembly made updates to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector to allow users to successfully add new connection parameters with the Enhanced API.

For existing connections to SFMC using the Legacy API, the connection will no longer be able to be changed. Users who want to make changes to an existing Legacy API connection are notified that changes to Legacy API connections are no longer supported. They are also notified that they should add a new SFMC Connector with the new Enhanced API connection if they need to make changes to the connection.

These updates create a smoother experience for users leveraging the FormAssembly SFMC Connector.

Who does this affect?

This update affects people using FormAssembly’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector.

If you need any additional information about this update and what it means for you, please reach out to our Customer Success Team or visit our help documents.

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