HTTPS for All New FormAssembly Forms


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Disclaimer: This is an old bog post. Instead of SSL, we now use TLS 1.2, the industry standard for encryption.

We’re launching HTTPS for all new FormAssembly forms!
That means each new FormAssembly form you create will have HTTPS enabled by default, so we can help make secure browsing easier for you and your respondents.
Also, you’ll no longer have the option to disable or remove HTTPS from a web form.


We’re following the HTTPS Everywhere initiative to make encryption over HTTPS easy to use. By defaulting to HTTPS, FormAssembly helps ensure the data you collect is encrypted and processed securely through our servers.

What’s HTTPS?

Encryption is a cryptographic technique to protect data and restrict access to authorized parties. Encryption can protect stored data in a range of levels, from single files to full disk encryption.
Respondents can look for the green HTTPS symbol in the address bar of a browser to check that data will be transmitted securely and to evaluate whether it’s a place they can trust. When present, the HTTPS icon signifies the SSL certificate is valid and working properly, and the data in transit will be encrypted and unreadable by unauthorized people.

What do I need to do?

For existing FormAssembly forms without SSL:

  • Enable SSL for any existing FormAssembly forms that don’t already have SSL enabled. You can do this in a form’s Display Options tab.
  • Replace any non-HTTPS external resources in your forms such as links, images, etc. That is, replace any https:// resources with https:// resources. (For example, if you’ve embedded images that are hosted on a non-SSL website, transfer your images to a SSL website or upload them directly to the FormAssembly form.)
  • Republish any FormAssembly forms with newly enabled SSL that you’ve previously published using the Copy & Paste method.

For new FormAssembly forms:

  • You don’t have to do anything! When you create a new FormAssembly form, HTTPS will automatically be enabled.

I have a question.

Email [email protected], or leave your question in the comments! We’re happy to help.

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