FormAssembly in the News: DestinationCRM and GDPR Implementation


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Article:GDPR: A Year Later
Author: Leonard Klie
Website/Publication: DestinationCRM

Article Summary:

In the DestinationCRM article written by Leonard Klie, he discusses:

  • The effects of GDPR on businesses and customers over the course of a year
  • The accountability of personal data and privacy that results from implementing GDPR
  • How GDPR allows brands to develop and maintain a trusting relationship with consumers

The Highlights:

Leonard Klie on the rising interest that consumers have in their personal data and privacy:

“Experts and insiders concede that the GDPR has been successful in one key area: Consumers now have more of an interest in what happens with their personal information…FormAssembly’s Davda agrees, noting that because of the GDPR, consumers are asking more questions and reading companies’ privacy policies more closely.”

Leonard Klie on the potential dangers of collecting consumer data:

“In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook, during a keynote in Brussels at the Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, urged U.S. lawmakers to implement a rule that mirrors the GDPR. Cook, who has been especially critical of Google’s and Facebook’s data policies, warned that the mass collection of private consumer data amounts to surveillance in action and that the huge stockpiles of such bits of information ‘serve only to enrich the companies that collect them.’”

Jai Davda, Director of infrastructure at FormAssembly, on the challenges of implementing GDPR, particularly user education:

“There was a lot of ambiguity regarding requirements. User education was and is still an ongoing challenge, especially with regards to geographical boundaries.”

The article can be found in full here.

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