3 Essential Business Processes Every Organization Can Streamline With FormAssembly Workflow

By now, most professionals are no strangers to discussions surrounding automation, efficiency, and productivity. As companies continue to transition to a more modern workplace, workflow management and optimization is more critical than ever for customer satisfaction, employee morale, and overall business success. 

Business optimization often begins with simplifying internal and external workflows. This restructuring has vast potential, and it can even help keep organizations from losing 20-30% of revenue due to inefficient business processes.

Our upcoming product release, FormAssembly Workflow, was developed to streamline and automate these processes and provide greater visibility into the flow of data. In this blog post, we’ll cover how organizations in any industry can use FormAssembly Workflow to streamline business processes for approvals, compliance and audit trails, prequalification, and quality control.

Understanding FormAssembly Workflow

FormAssembly Workflow is the new-and-improved way to collect and connect quality data while enabling faster, better decision-making for your team. With a visual, no-code workflow builder interface, it’s easy to track data as it travels from respondents, to forms, to integrated systems like Salesforce. 

How to Streamline Processes With FormAssembly Workflow

Workflow, soon available for all Enterprise Cloud and above plans, can be used to streamline and automate processes across any department in every industry, from government to nonprofit and higher education to healthcare. The following universal use cases can be used across a broad range of organizations to improve business processes.

Use Case #1: Application Approvals

Application approval processes are needed for a variety of reasons, including university admissions, scholarships, grants, home loans, unemployment benefits, memberships, and more. In all of these cases, the application process can be long and tedious for the applicant and requires review by one or more decision-makers before it can be approved. FormAssembly Workflow simplifies approval processes by automating how application data travels from the form to key stakeholders involved. 

In FormAssembly Workflow, the completion of an application can trigger an automated email to participants in the next phase of the approval process. Throughout the entire approval journey between applicants and decision-makers, Workflow provides a visual roadmap to keep all of an organization’s participants on the same page. Workflow also offers conditional routing to send respondents down different paths in a workflow depending on, for example, whether an application is approved or rejected.

Use Case #2: Compliance and Audit Trails

Audit trails are often fraught with inaccuracies and inefficiencies, but they are still critical for an organization’s security and compliance. For example, organizations in the financial or healthcare sectors must keep audit trails to verify transactions or medical records and to protect the organization from errors, fraud, or security breaches. Auditing these “paper trails” can be a tedious process without help from an automation tool like FormAssembly Workflow. 

Across industries, Workflow can be used to ensure an audit trail exists and to maintain compliance. Workflow allows for the visualization of these processes for all participants involved, including any reviews, changes, and approvals throughout. All records within this process would then be easily accessed for auditing. Workflow will also have e-signature capabilities for further security.

Use Case #3: Prequalification and Quality Control

Many industries require a prequalification process and quality control when working with other companies, such as manufacturing or construction, to deliver a product or service. With many participants across departments involved, it can be difficult to keep these processes running smoothly and error-free.

Using FormAssembly Workflow, any organization can improve the accuracy and efficiency of both prequalification and quality control processes. Based on criteria from forms, all participants can remain informed and notified as the workflow moves through client onboarding, sales review and evaluation, and final sign-off.

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