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You’ve got a lot of options for which web form solution to use for your healthcare organization, and a number of reasons to be selective in your choice. Here are 10 reasons to choose FormAssembly to handle your healthcare forms and data collection.

1. Feel Secure in Our HIPAA Compliance

Why is it important to work with HIPAA-compliant vendors? Because their non-compliance can be disastrous for your healthcare organization. In 2017, the Center for Children’s Digestive Health was fined $31,000 because they did not have a business associate’s agreement with Filefax, a medical record management provider. Using a HIPAA-compliant web form solution like FormAssembly that will sign a BAA reduces some of the burden on your organization and helps you maintain peace of mind that you’re working with a reputable, trustworthy vendor.


FormAssembly announced HIPAA Compliance for our Compliance Cloud plan in April 2016 after over a year of work, including a GAP assessment and further auditing by Coalfire, a third-party compliance auditor.

2. Reduce Form Burden on IT

We all have those minor tasks in our day to day. Tasks that are way below our skill and knowledge level, but still have to be done. With the right technology, you can alleviate at least some of those to-dos, in this case: form creation. With a drag-and-drop form builder, anyone in your organization can create forms, and set up connectors. It’s no longer just on IT to design, build, and manage forms and responses. (It’s a good thing too, because almost three-quarters of IT professionals say their job raises their stress. Add to that the additional stresses of working in healthcare, and you could have a recipe for burnout.) With FormAssembly you can easily create unlimited forms and collect unlimited responses.

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3. Formalize Internal Processes

Chances are your employees are wasting time in some way or another, and they might be wasting it on inefficient work duties. According to a survey from, pointless meetings and email were two top reasons for time wasting, and according to Atos Origin, 40 percent of the work week is spent dealing with internal, non-essential emails. The Guardian, in reporting the above statistic, noted that 75,000 out of their 95,000 received emails were internal.

How can you tighten up internal processes? By using a form. Create forms, set up workflows for repeated processes, and streamline your work.

4. See Greater Efficiency than Paper Forms

Paper forms are increasingly becoming more rare as organizations realize how many benefits there are to going digital, from less data entry to less paper waste to an easier user experience. According to a report from the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research, benefits of digital patient surveys over paper surveys included “time savings, automatic data entry, rapid turnaround of results, and lower costs.”

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5. Brand Forms to Match Your Organization

Good branding is a way to develop trust and connection with your customers. If you’ve already built up a strong brand, don’t dilute your brand by putting out generic, unbranded web forms. According to a University of Loyola Maryland study, color is extremely important in branding and can increase recognition as much as 80 percent.

FormAssembly helps healthcare organizations retain brand consistency with the ability to easily brand your forms with not only your own brand colors, but also your own logos, fonts, and other elements with our newly revamped theme editor or with custom HTML and CSS.

6. Simplify the Patient Experience With Prefill

Healthcare customers are now often being called consumers. Why? Because modern patients want more from the organizations that deliver care. Specifically, they want easy access to care, transparency into healthcare costs, and simple online scheduling.

How does that fit in with web forms? It means creating better, easier patient registration experiences that don’t remind people of another trip to the DMV. With FormAssembly you can prefill patient data from Salesforce into forms that they need to fill out. It’s simple to set-up and it creates a hassle-free patient experience they’ll remember.

7. Connect More Data With our Salesforce Integration

Beyond prefilling, FormAssembly’s Salesforce connector offers so many more possibilities for connection and integration of your healthcare data, from new record creation to record updating and even the ability to store data from a form that was only partially filled out.

All considered, FormAssembly is a leading choice for Salesforce connected web forms. Read some of our 161 reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange where we currently hold a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

8. Centralize Data Collection

According to Netskope’s June 2017 Cloud Report, enterprises use over 1,000 different cloud services. With this many different tools, there can be overlap and redundancy when multiple tools fulfill close to the same need as others. By switching to one multi-purpose solution, you may be able to avoid much of that wasteful redundancy. FormAssembly has been used for registration forms, payment forms, surveys, applications, and much more.

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9. Accept Payments With Confidence

Can your survey solution or contact form builder also accept payments? Probably not, but FormAssembly can, and securely too. FormAssembly possesses PCI DSS Level 1 Certification on our Compliance Cloud Plan and integrates with payment connectors such as Stripe, Paypal, and other popular systems. We also have a connection to Chargent, which integrates with an additional 30+ payment gateways. It’s simple and secure to use FormAssembly to collect patient payments.

10. Reduce Paper Dependency & Go Digital

Healthcare is increasingly embracing digitization, but paper hasn’t totally been eradicated from the healthcare organization. An estimated $8 billion is collectively spent annually by companies on paper and paper-related activities such as filing and printing, and healthcare organizations may be some of the worst offenders, according to IDC research. A web form builder can help you reduce your dependency on paper and get more in line with the digital direction of healthcare.

Ready to learn more about Compliance Cloud for healthcare? Check out the plan overview and talk to our sales team today.

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