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Financial services clients are continually faced with evolving regulations, fierce market competition, and the need to safeguard sensitive customer data. There are many web form solutions available, and the need to make the right choice is critical to stakeholders and customers alike. Here are 10 reasons for financial services organizations to select FormAssembly as their preferred web form and data collection solution.

1. Feel Secure with PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

FormAssembly is the perfect solution if you need a powerful web form that also offers smart, safe payment collection options. With our PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, you can rest assured that your customer’s payment information is protected and that your collection process is fully compliant.

In addition to offering peace of mind through certification, FormAssembly integrates seamlessly with connectors like PayPal, Stripe, and Additionally, the Chargent integration opens an additional 20+ payment pathways.

2. Safely Store Sensitive Consumer Data

The financial services industry has a legal and ethical obligation to safeguard sensitive consumer data, particularly in an age in which data breaches and security lapses are all too common. The 2017 Thales Data Threat Report found that 49 percent of organizations in the financial services industry have experienced a breach, and nine out of 10 organizations feel that they are susceptible to security incidents.

In the digital age, protection of sensitive data cannot be left to chance. FormAssembly upholds high security standards across the board, including using TLS 1.2 encryption. We also guard against common threats to your data such as XSS (cross-site scripting) and SQL injection. Additionally, FormAssembly helps you keep your data secure with encryption at rest and in transit, IP anonymization controls, authentication options, and more. We further prioritize data security with a strict vendor evaluation process, third-party audits of our policies and procedures, a dedicated ISO and security management team, and best practices.

3. Enjoy Administrative Oversight with Forms, Users, and Settings

If you’re part of a larger financial services corporation, you may need or want to delegate your form building to other members of your administrative or support team. FormAssembly’s Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans allow for 3+ users on each account, while allowing you valuable administrative oversight over your web form activity.

The Admin Dashboard feature for Enterprise and Compliance Cloud users is easily accessible and provides the ability to carefully monitor all forms and templates that your organization uses to accomplish tasks like collecting tax documents, opening mortgage applications, and administering broker or client change request forms. Admins also have the ability to add, delete, or change users at any time, providing flexibility and oversight when it comes to important settings and permissions.

4. Simplify Internal Processes for Onboarding New Clients and Partners

In the realm of financial services, the need to have shareable and reliable information available in real-time is obvious. Whether you’re establishing a new client relationship or managing newly-hired employees, the onboarding process often presents a significant strain on time and resources for small and large companies alike.

Using FormAssembly, Dharma Merchant Services eliminated tiresome and time-consuming paper process in their new client onboarding system, trimming the pre-application process time by 78 percent and experiencing a noticeable uptick in data accuracy. With FormAssembly, you can create checklists for new clients to better engage with them in the earliest days of the relationship. Features like the Prefill Connector provide a way to save your clients time and work, eliminating the need to replicate data that may already be available in Salesforce.

5. Lookup, Create, and Reference Salesforce Information Inside Your Form

The Salesforce integration is one of the most pivotal reasons that financial services clients choose FormAssembly. With the appropriate configuration settings, FormAssembly can rapidly send your data to the right locations in Salesforce.

As one of our most popular integrations, we’re always looking for ways to update and expand Salesforce features. In 2018, FormAssembly released Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, giving Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers the ability to include drop-down menus in their forms with options populated from lookup results or Salesforce picklists.

6. Allow Business Areas to Accomplish More, Relying Less on IT Support

Web form solutions should be complex enough to meet the needs of a business, but simple enough that they don’t require constant oversight from a software developer or IT guru. FormAssembly provides the perfect solution for financial services clients looking to delegate the task of form-building and data collection to staff other than IT, a department that may already be overrun by other needs and projects.

A 2017 Udemy report found that nearly 60 percent of U.S. workers are stressed nearly all the time at work. Whether that stress branches from overwork or hard-to-understand business methods, leaders can take steps to implement better process that alleviate organizational burdens. When you have a web form solution that’s intuitive, well-designed, and simple enough for any team member to use, workplace bottlenecks and inefficiencies become things of the past.

The FormAssembly form builder allows users to choose themes, create conditional formatting options, apply validation rules, use our autosuggest feature, apply custom CSS and HTML, and so much more. The days of boring financial services forms are over, and the best part is that advanced technical knowledge isn’t required! With our time-saving options, free up your staff to complete the pressing tasks that allow your organization to stay ahead.

7. Tackle Customer Engagement with Better Data and Interactive Forms

According to FinanceMonthly, customer engagement is one of the top challenges facing the financial services field in 2018, as the industry must calculate “which insights to leverage within whatever time and budget constraints prevail.” FormAssembly provides an affordable and innovative solution for financial services clients looking to better understand their customer data.

Whether using client surveys or feedback forms, financial services clients can employ web forms to build better relationships with clients over the long term, while logging that information directly to CRM systems like Salesforce. Pairing surveys with the Salesforce connector even allows you to gain a quick snapshot on the health of each account, a critical feature in maintaining strong client relationships.

Using the Salesforce connector allows you to engage with new and existing customers by enrolling them directly into a Salesforce community. FormAssembly can help your organization achieve impressive results when it comes to maintaining account information and managing partner relationships.

8. Design Custom Thank You and Redirect Pages

Opting for a web form solution doesn’t mean sacrificing the personal touches your clients have come to expect. Financial services clients can use custom thank you and redirect pages to improve the user experience.

Once a form is submitted, users see a standard thank you page that confirms submission. FormAssembly provides the option to customize this page with a unique message, which can pull personalized data from the form itself. Redirect pages are another option, allowing you to send the user back to your company’s website or to another step in your form process.

To provide even greater customer engagement, FormAssembly features an email notification feature, allowing you to connect through a message post-submission. The email notification feature also enables the form administrator to receive updates as forms are submitted, providing an easy way to stay on top of information you need.

9. Upload Documents to Salesforce or Store in FormAssembly

Financial services professionals often need to collect files, attachments, and scanned documents directly from clients. With FormAssembly and Salesforce, there are multiple ways to uploads documents both small and large. Let’s dig a little deeper into what’s possible!

With FormAssembly you can upload files to Salesforce through your forms using either Files, Chatter, or other custom attachment objects. By creating a dependent attachment object, you can have attachments sent directly to your existing Salesforce objects. You can even store larger files within your FormAssembly account and save on space in Salesforce. (Please see FormAssembly’s documentation for information about Salesforce & FormAssembly file size limits.)

10. Streamline Work Across Multiple Financial Services Use Cases

A retail bank analysis from Deloitte reveals that with the addition of technology and reduction of paper use, “operating expenses in the processing divisions can be reduced by as much as 25 percent.” This statistic demonstrates the real financial savings possible from introducing technology like FormAssembly.

The financial services industry exists around forms and information, and although the nature of gathering such data may evolve, the need to collect that information remains strong in the digital age. FormAssembly helps a wide array of financial services clients address their everyday pain points. Whether your work involves collecting cumbersome mortgage documentation, reviewing detailed insurance claims, or processing private equity requests in banking, FormAssembly can help alleviate the strain of outdated processes and workflows.

Web form automation with FormAssembly can save time and money, increase effectiveness, and ensure that your financial services processes are modernized.

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