Digital Data Collection & Security

Survey Results: How CIOs and CISOs are managing practices, policies, and risk in online data collection.

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Learn What Today’s Leaders Need Out of Their Data Collection Tools

In FormAssembly’s latest commissioned survey, we investigate how CIOs and CISOs manage practices, policies, and risks in online data collection, and the results were surprising.

In this survey, respondents reported a patchwork of data collection systems, uneven application of policies, and low visibility, governance, and confidence in the data collection process. Download the report to see how your organization stacks up, and what you can do to improve.

Report highlights:

  • 81% of organizations lack full visibility into their data collection system
  • 26% of CIOs and CISOs worry that there are gaps in their data policies
  • 58% of those surveyed are at least somewhat concerned about data privacy, security, and compliance in the data collection process.