Remote Work Success:

22 ways to use FormAssembly to improve internal and external processes remotely

Have you found yourself quickly transitioning to remote work? Do you already work remotely but want to make your organization’s processes more efficient?

If these examples describe your situation, we have good news: better data processes and platforms can make life easier all around.

When you use a powerful data collection platform like FormAssembly, you can bring positive change to both internal and external processes. In this new eBook, we’re showcasing how our own team uses online forms on a daily basis to revamp common tasks related to sales, marketing, human resources, and more.

To help you transform your own processes, we’re pulling back the curtain on 22 use cases that are sure to save you time, effort, and valuable resources. We know how powerful it can be to eliminate pain points with simplified form solutions, and we’re sharing those secrets to help you and your team excel.

What you’ll learn

In 22 Ways to Use FormAssembly for Remote Work Success, learn from an industry leader in remote work culture about improving team and business processes. If you’ve been frustrated in the past with outdated systems or if you’ve been challenged to make the leap to remote work in a pinch, this resource is for you! In the eBook, you’ll discover things like:

  • How to implement web form processes to help your remote team succeed
  • How to use web forms to assist the efforts of different departments and teams
  • How to create a thriving culture with better, more effective communication

Who it’s for

This eBook is for team members at any level who are looking to bring innovation and creativity to their places of work. During challenging times, teams have to come together efficiently to solve issues and maintain productivity, even when normal operations are interrupted. This guide addresses those struggles head on. Managers, administrators, marketers, and human resources professionals alike will all benefit in unique ways from the tips and tricks included in this resource.