Government Data Collection:

Government of Millions Adds FormAssembly for Secure, City-wide Data Collection

Discover how a large city government securely collected data from millions of residents using FormAssembly.

One of FormAssembly’s customers, a major metropolitan city, is one of the largest in the country with over eight million residents and a government operated by hundreds of professionals, including staff, city council members, and elected representatives.

Download our eBook to discover why this large government organization turned to FormAssembly to streamline and scale data collection processes for millions of residents. You’ll learn how our powerful platform helped the city:

  • Save over 50 hours a week in manual data entry
  • Streamline processes across 12 departments
  • Reduce annual costs by $76,076
  • Eliminate person-to-person contact and paper waste
  • Ensure compliance and security of 3,500 web forms

About FormAssembly

FormAssembly’s Government Cloud offering is currently the only web form builder and data collection platform available on the FedRAMP marketplace—making it the ideal platform for governments undergoing Digital Transformation.

FormAssembly offers a user-friendly interface with robust integrations to critical business systems, and advanced security and compliance standards, including HIPAA compliance, encryption at rest and in transit, PCI DSS Level 1 certification, and FedRAMP readiness.

Government agencies trust FormAssembly for secure data collection that modernizes processes, saves significant time, money and resources, and frees employees to focus energy on mission-critical initiatives for citizens.

“We sought a solution that was reliable, user-friendly, and secure. By investing in FormAssembly, we were not only saving 2,860 employee hours yearly, but also $76,076 in annual wages.”

–Andres Rodriguez, Information Security Manager, Major Metropolitan City

*Disclaimer: While the names and locations in this case study have been fictionalized to Hillwood to retain customer privacy, the legitimate use cases with factual numbers highlight the success a FormAssembly customer had in managing data collection for a city with over eight million residents.