Government Goes Digital:

Learn why online data collection is the future of government processes

Falling behind in today’s digital world?

Government data collection processes have a history of being time-consuming and tedious. Long paper forms, disconnected departments, crammed file cabinets, duplicate data, outdated information, manual data entry, security risks—the list of challenges goes on and on.

Without solving these major challenges, government agencies are remaining stuck in the past during a massive digital transformation. So how can government agencies catch up with the times?

In our eBook, Government Goes Digital: Why Online Data Collection is the Future of Government Processes, we explore some of the biggest challenges that government organizations face and how secure, digital data collection can help solve them.

FormAssembly for Government

FormAssembly’s Government Cloud offering is the only web form builder and data collection platform available on the FedRAMP marketplace, making it the ideal solution for government agencies that need to modernize processes.

With powerful integrations, state-of-the art security and compliance, and a user-friendly interface, organizations are able to save time, money, and resources when collecting important data.

“[FormAssembly] is a safe way to build what we need. It’s minutes versus hours trying to reconfigure a form test environment to work with new apps we are building.”

–Susie Turpin, Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder, Multnomah County Government

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