4 Steps to Better Web Forms

Create user-friendly forms. Build trust. Increase conversions.

Don’t make a bad first impression.

Over 60% of visitors will abandon a web form if it’s too confusing or complicated. Don’t let a poorly designed form make a bad first impression. 

In our eBook, 4 Steps to Better Web Forms, our form-building experts provide key design principles that will improve your form’s appearance and functionality, keep users engaged, and help you collect the data you need.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • How to keep users from feeling overwhelmed or confused
  • How to craft a logical online form layout to guide your user through it naturally 
  • How to build trust with customers and boost form submission rates
  • And more!

About FormAssembly

FormAssembly is the all-in-one web form and data collection platform. Thousands of leading companies trust our robust platform and its no-code web form builder, powerful integrations to Salesforce and other systems, and high standards of security and compliance. FormAssembly helps organizations in all industries streamline data collection processes, ultimately leading to time, money, and resources saved. Start designing better online forms with a 14-day free trial.