Is Your Organization Fully HIPAA Compliant?

Our checklist will help give you the confidence to know the data entrusted to you is secure.

If your organization handles PHI and is required to abide by HIPAA, some of the vendors you work with may also need to be HIPAA compliant. For example, if you are using a third-party software to collect PHI, this platform must also be HIPAA compliant in order for your organization to stay compliant. This is to ensure that your patients’ data is secure and that you aren’t harmed by the non-compliance of third-party software.

With this in mind, if your organization is subject to HIPAA regulations, you need to know what to look for when evaluating third-party software and vendors to make sure their security and organizational practices measure up. In this handy HIPAA compliance checklist, you’ll learn the five essential qualities to look for in software and third-party vendors to make sure they meet all necessary data privacy requirements.

How FormAssembly Helps

FormAssembly’s Enterprise plan is HIPAA compliant, making it the perfect solution for healthcare organizations that need a simple, secure way to collect PHI through patient history forms, medical research forms, and more. In addition to HIPAA compliance, FormAssembly Enterprise includes an onboarding program, increased controls for managing sensitive data, priority support, a 99.9% SLA, available Salesforce integration, and other features to make sure data is secure every step of the way.