Case Study: Teach Away

Teach Away is a worldwide leader in international teacher recruitment. Search teaching abroad placements in over 40 countries, teach overseas in your subject area at public and private schools, or teach English abroad in universities, colleges, and ESL schools.
Director David Frey kindly agreed to talk to us about how Teach Away uses FormAssembly. Here’s our Q&A!

Can you tell us about Teach Away and what you do?

Teach Away has become a worldwide leader in international teacher recruitment. We are partnered with a wide range of educational institutions in over 40 countries and have placed thousands of teachers in jobs overseas. Our team of education professionals supports teachers from their initial application to the completion of a rewarding employment opportunity abroad. We pride ourselves on working with leading international institutions and governments and believe in contributing to the international community by providing quality education.

How were you collecting data before?

Before choosing FormAssembly, we used Web-to-Lead to collect our data. While we really couldn’t have worked without it, we were nevertheless confronted with an application that made it difficult to scale our business. Forms couldn’t easily apply to different objects, integration with Salesforce was challenging, and we couldn’t use the application without our programmer.

Why did you end up choosing FormAssembly?

FormAssembly was one of only a few programs to offer what we were looking for. The great reviews reassured us that this would be the right choice. We’ve never looked back, as everything people say about FormAssembly is true. Besides its affordability, flexibility, and easy set up and use, FormAssembly enabled us to truly take advantage of all Salesforce functions.

How do you use FormAssembly?

We use FormAssembly for job applications and lead generation.

Some of our programs require information unique to those positions. Through FormAssembly, we quickly set up application forms for specific candidates to ensure that we had all necessary data. Our reference checks have become a lot easier, as they can be completed quickly online.

Additionally, we began using FormAssembly for lead generation on our website. This allowed us to easily contact potential candidates through our newsletters and made email opt-outs effortless.

Do you have any feedback for us?

FormAssembly has made our lives much easier. We’ve really benefitted from the great integration with Salesforce. FormAssembly is so easy to use and customize that it’s hard to believe we didn’t begin working with them sooner. Occasionally the format doesn’t work with WordPress, but FormAssembly’s team is always happy to provide great support. Because of FormAssembly, we were able to stop worrying about technical difficulties that initially curbed our growth and could truly focus on sending more qualified teachers abroad.

Our many thanks to David and Teach Away for their time. We’re proud to be able to help their mission.

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