OneGoal Improves Application Process and Eliminates Data Silos

Here’s how OneGoal uses FormAssembly to maximize online application accessibility and streamline internal communications.

OneGoal is working to make college graduation a reality for all students. We collaborate closely with public schools in low-income communities, providing teachers with content, data and support to implement our three-year model with a group of students (Fellows). Teachers support the same group of Fellows beginning in their junior year of high school and bridging the gap through their first year of college. And it’s working. In a nation where only 9% of students from low-income communities graduate from college, 84% OneGoal high school graduates enroll and 77% of them are persisting or have graduated with a college degree.

The Challenge: Increasing Efficiency in the Application System

When Michael DeFabbo, Manager of Data & Systems, joined the OneGoal National Team last November, the application process had just one online form: a simple Google Form to indicate interest in OneGoal, and an email address to contact the recruiting team. “That was it. Everything else was done in spreadsheets, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, and Word,” said Mike.

All the information was in separate locations, and each process had to be done manually. The system, with many manual steps, was a drain on resources.

To optimize processes, OneGoal transitioned the staff application and the hiring process into Salesforce — and discovered FormAssembly as the tool to streamline their data collection processes.

Use Case: Online Staff Application

One of OneGoal’s biggest changes was moving to a robust and streamlined online application through a singular form rather than receiving information from multiple online places, and creating a cohesive process for the applicant and the Human Assets Team. Because of FormAssembly, the first stage was seamless, said Mike. “We’ve had zero issues. It’s been wonderful.”

The next phase was to make the online application even more robust. The team added more conditional logic, document upload functionality, and opportunities to apply for additional roles. At this step, Mike said they experienced two minor issues with the Salesforce connector, which were resolved immediately. “We caught everything during testing and had no downtime whatsoever.”

When OneGoal launched the online application, the team noticed a huge jump in the number of applicants after the application was readily available with FormAssembly. Last year, the application had a limited reach. The hiring season brought in a total of 843 applicants.

In contrast, less three months in, this year’s applications are at 918 and counting. “Last year was nowhere near where we are now. It’s fantastic,” said Mike.

Use Case: Candidate Records and Internal Communications

With the whole organization expanding exponentially, OneGoal needed a corresponding way to grow their bandwidth as a team, codify their processes, and track the data more systematically. Now, OneGoal relies on FormAssembly to move information and eliminate silos.

Most recently, OneGoal used FormAssembly to upgrade and unify communication methods for the human assets department. All candidate applications, referrals, automated communication both internal and external, and hiring manager communications now flow through FormAssembly and into Salesforce. “We’re moving toward being able to see every piece of communication around a candidate in one space. It’s far beyond anything we could have imagined. It’s completely changed both our internal and external communications strategies,” said Mike.

“We’re able to increase efficiency as an organization because we’re standardizing everything. It’s helping us out and the teachers and students we’re serving.”

Full Speed Ahead with FormAssembly

OneGoal is currently using Form Assembly successfully for their program work, and Mike and the OneGoal staff look forward to accelerating implementation even more for their teams. They plan to leverage FormAssembly to further streamline the development department’s communications and processes. In addition, the next generation of the application is in the works, along with a blueprint to integrate hiring managers into Salesforce, so OneGoal can prefill a lot more data into their forms.

One of the most impressive aspects of FormAssembly, said Mike, was how quickly he got started. Mike had never used FormAssembly or Salesforce before he joined the OneGoal team, but it was very easy for him to create successful forms and workflows. “The ease of use is phenomenal for administrators. We love it.”

Don’t just collect data

— leverage it.