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Economic Change Runs Working Parent Salesforce Training Program, Incorporates FormAssembly

Economic Change is a Salesforce consulting agency that works directly with nonprofit groups within the UK. The agency’s purpose is to help nonprofit groups establish strategic results and clear goals through the use of technology. Heather Black founded Economic Change as a way to support the growth of charities and other important social initiatives. As a FormAssembly partner, Economic Change is able to implement FormAssembly’s unlimited web form capabilities with its network of Salesforce clients and other initiatives.

One such initiative is Salesforce Supermums, which was also founded by Heather Black. Heather brings her expertise as a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Platform App Developer, and Sales Cloud Consultant to her work in the Supermums community. Within the program, an introduction to FormAssembly is delivered to help participants understand what a third party Salesforce app can deliver.

About Salesforce Supermums

The mission of Salesforce Supermums is to empower mothers (and fathers) across the globe to secure well-paid, established careers working in Salesforce. The organization’s vision is to support 200 individuals back into the workforce by the year 2020.

Salesforce Supermums serves a community of parents seeking a return to the workforce after providing primary care for their children. The Supermums organizations also serves parents who want to attain flexible working arrangements through remote work or flexible hours, or those who would like to upskill through new training.

The organization plays a critical role in the modern workforce; they aim to represent the 7 out of 10 mothers who cannot attain flexible work, as well as the 55% of working mothers who are forced to take junior positions upon re-entering their industries while providing care for their families.

Training Includes FormAssembly

Salesforce Supermums offers a 6-month training program that provides essential teaching, mentorship, and recruitment support. Over the span of half a year, program participants learn core Salesforce competencies, practice in a demo org, and participate in a practicum through Economic Change.

A 2-hour portion of the participants’ training covers FormAssembly, which is helpful to many organizations that use Salesforce because of our unique Salesforce integration. Some program graduates go on to use FormAssembly in some capacity within their new professional roles.

Supermums Accomplishments

To date, Salesforce Supermums has been able to offer 10 courses to trainees located across 5 countries. Out of 45 program participants, 30 have successfully secured work and their admin certificate; 45 participants are still in their training phase. Supermums trainees have provided over 2,000 hours of pro-bono Salesforce support to nonprofit organizations. At least 17 mothers have secured Salesforce employment with consulting agencies, ISV partners, and corporate and nonprofit customers.

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