Case Study: Retail Business is a combination of retail business, innovation think-tank, and angel investing fund.
The other day, Robert sent us a very nice note about his experience with FormAssembly. So we were excited to follow up and learn more about him, his business, and how we’re able to help.

Can you tell us about is a combination of retail business, innovation think-tank, and angel investing fund. We look for people who have ideas for inventions that are super-simple, useful, and inexpensive. Then we manufacture those inventions and sell them for as little as possible to RGFT Entrepreneurs, who are everyday people in need of additional income. They re-sell our products and keep whatever profits they make, earning not just an income but also valuable business and networking skills.

How were you collecting data before?

It’s much simpler now

We collect payments through PayPal, mostly — and all due respect to PayPal, their interface really isn’t that user-friendly. Collecting data and processing shipments was really difficult. It’s much simpler now that we’re using FormAssembly to communicate between our website and PayPal.

Why’d you end up choosing FormAssembly?

I use FormAssembly because I fell in love with it during my previous occupation, on the HR staff for a large non-profit. When I started working for them, they used FormAssembly very little, mostly just to collect applications from prospective employees and pass the information into Salesforce.

Everything from dynamic troubleshooting guides to performance reviews

I started playing with FormAssembly a bit, and despite having no prior knowledge of it whatsoever, over the course of about a few months I found myself expanding the organization’s usage of it for everything from making dynamic troubleshooting guides for other staff to recording performance reviews. The organization’s entire hiring process now depends on FormAssembly!

What are some ways you use FormAssembly? uses FormAssembly mostly to process payments for our products. Personally, though, I have a hobby of building random websites that focus on user feedback, and FormAssembly is integral to all of them — for example,, through which people can complain about everyday life, and, my personal doodle-blog where anyone can request something for me to draw and I upload a new drawing-by-request every day.

I used to use Google Forms for everything; FormAssembly blows Google Forms out of the water (while still being totally Google Docs-compatible)!

Favorite things about FA?

I love the flexibility and versatility of FormAssembly.

I love the flexibility and versatility of FormAssembly. There are so many ways it can be manipulated to capture and display information that is as specific as possible to the needs of the user. I love how the FormAssembly developers seem to have anticipated the things that would be most time-consuming for users and have then automated them, so I don’t have to put in hours and hours doing “busywork.”

I love how there’s online support for virtually every issue I have; I didn’t know a thing about Regular Expressions or Javascript arithmetic before using FormAssembly and learned pretty much all I need to know through FormAssembly’s online tutorials and forums. I feel about FormAssembly the same way I felt about Legos when I was 8 years old: it’s easy and fun to build, redesign, and generally play with however I want!

Many thanks to Robert for chatting with us. We’re happy to work with and beyond!

Don’t just collect data

— leverage it.