Case Study: Prialto

Prialto helps executives offload administrative processes to improve productivity. Prialto’s solution combines people people, process, and technology. As part of offloading processes from executives, Prialto leverages CRM to provide context into context and relationships.

The Key Tool

Andrew Mowat, Vice President, had been looking for a form solution for some time. Prialto had tried many different form builders before. But they needed something with powerful Salesforce integration, so that they could put the data directly and automatically into Salesforce — rather than going back and forth between Salesforce and the form builder.

When Andrew discovered FormAssembly, he immediately saw benefits for Prialto and their clients. “It’s a tremendously valuable tool,” he said. “FormAssembly takes less time and it’s pretty dang intuitive.”


Minute-by-minute feedback

Prialto’s goal is to help people work faster and better — which means that feedback is an essential part of their business. “We’re all about providing excellent service. Our members can rate us every single day,” Andrew said. “Our Productivity Assistants get client feedback, we give feedback after interviews, and we’re always rating our employees.”

Because they deal with such a huge volume of feedback, FormAssembly’s combination of form management and Salesforce integration is useful for speedy execution and delivery. “We’ll be using FormAssembly in tons of ways,” Andrew said. “It’s phenomenal.”


Thank you, Prialto! We’re delighted to work with you.

Don’t just collect data

— leverage it.