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FormAssembly Partner Highlight: Attain Partners

We recently spoke with Eric Magnuson, Director of Business Development at Attain Partners. Attain Partners is an industry leader in providing management, technology, and strategy consultation services for education and nonprofit organizations. In this partner highlight, you’ll learn more about Attain Partners’ Salesforce implementation services and how they use FormAssembly to help clients.

What kind of services does your organization provide?

On the nonprofit side, Attain consultants focus on highly complex enterprise-level implementations. These consultants often work with organizations that have federated models. On the higher education side, we work with many top colleges and universities across the country, including Northwestern, Colorado State University, and Boston University.

In general, Attain’s differentiator is that we have a “one team” approach that delivers long-term relationships and reinforces success with our clients.

What goals are your clients looking to achieve?

Clients are usually looking to scale up their programs and maximize their impact. Across the board (in both nonprofit and higher ed), organizations need to have the best plan for CRM strategy within a broad range of enterprise toolsets in order to minimize technical debt and streamline how the organization needs to function to support best-in-class business processes.

What are some of the main ways you use FormAssembly with your clients?

We use FormAssembly in all kinds of ways. In many projects, we use FormAssembly to display forms within a Salesforce Community. For example, we replace the standard community profile page with a FormAssembly form that allows the user to review and update information from several Salesforce objects at once. In the higher-ed space, we use forms for all the stages of a full student life-cycle, from recruiting to alumni projects, supporting increased engagement between schools and their constituents.

What are some of the benefits that your clients have experienced?

Clients have definitely experienced growth in terms of expanding their reach. In the case of alumni, it’s really increased engagement levels. This group of individuals is enthusiastic and wants to engage and socialize with each other. That engagement leads to donations for colleges and universities, but that comes as a result of genuine and authentic relationships with the alumni association. We tailor projects to the audience in order to create these results.

For our nonprofit clients, like the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and the B.A.A. (Boston Athletic Association), they’ve received a lot of positive attention from and have had success stories featured on Salesforce.

How did FormAssembly help your clients overcome pain points and challenges?

Our clients like how FormAssembly interacts with Salesforce and how it’s able to automatically pull in data. They appreciate the flexibility and simplicity required to update and change forms easily, which keeps things more dynamic.

Clients can also change the look and feel of their form projects to fit specific needs and fit in nicely to a community. Also, payment processing is hugely beneficial, and a lot of clients leverage the ability to connect to Chargent.

Do you have plans to expand your use of FormAssembly in the future?

Yes, FormAssembly has been tried and true for many years. A lot of the consultants on the team at Attain have been in the space for over 10+ years, and they absolutely plan to continue to use FormAssembly to implement projects for their clients.

We not only love the tool, but we have a really good relationship with the people at the company, and help is accessible. We’ve been working with FormAssembly for many years and we are cheering on the company’s success!

Chris Pifer, Principal Consultant at Attain Partners, led the charge on a massive FormAssembly project for the Boston Athletic Association. Using FormAssembly, Chris and the team at B.A.A. developed a powerful web form process that helped thousands of runners and volunteers sign up for events at the Boston Marathon. You can learn more about this project in the Boston Athletic Association case study.

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