Our 5 Most Popular Nonprofit Case Studies

As a company, we’re glad to be able to work with so many meaningful and well-known nonprofit organizations. Though they all have unique missions, FormAssembly helps each of them streamline their work and save more time for accomplishing their goals, all while keeping costs down with FormAssembly’s nonprofit discount. We’ve gathered several case studies over the years from these companies that show how FormAssembly can help nonprofits in a variety of different capacities.

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How OneGoal Accelerated Staff Applications with FormAssembly

opne goal logo

OneGoal is an education-geared nonprofit with an important goal: helping students better their chances of graduating college by providing key resources to teachers. Before FormAssembly, their information was stored in multiple locations, requiring more time spent manually completing processes. With FormAssembly, OneGoal streamlined staff applications, candidate records and internal communications, resulting in more efficient processes and greater information transparency. Learn more about OneGoal’s work at onegoalgraduation.org.

In their words: “We’re able to increase efficiency as an organization because we’re standardizing everything. It’s helping us out and the teachers and students we’re serving.” – Michael DeFabbo, Manager of Data & Systems

How Polaris Boosts Resource Quality with FormAssembly

polaris logo

Polaris works to fight human trafficking. Their important mission is helped in part by the capabilities of FormAssembly. Polaris uses FormAssembly to handle service provider applications for the NHTRC National Referral Directory and the Global Modern Slavery Directory as well as feedback on the Global Modern Slavery Directory. They have also replaced pen and paper training evaluations with simple web form versions. To learn more about Polaris, visit https://polarisproject.org.

In their words: “FormAssembly makes life much easier.” – Ethan Bennett, Systems Administrator

How HomeKeeper Uses FormAssembly for Online Application Forms

homekeeper logo

HomeKeeper is a Salesforce app managed by Cornerstone Partnership, a national nonprofit community of programs such as Habitat for Humanity that subsidize home ownership for low-income families. FormAssembly helped the HomeKeeper Team improve a costly, paper-heavy process for homeownership forms and created an online application form that took a complex process and turned it into an easy-to-use form that connects seamlessly with Salesforce.

In their words: “HomeKeeper relies so much on FormAssembly.” – Tiffany Eng, Program Manager.

Nonprofit Case Study: Keshet

keshet logo

Keshet is a national organization that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish life. FormAssembly wasn’t the first form building tool they tried, but it was the solution that provided all the features they needed. Like many nonprofits and companies, Keshet uses Salesforce, and FormAssembly’s strong integration with this CRM was a huge benefit for them. Beyond the Salesforce integration, which was a game-changer in and of itself, Keshet also loved the feature-rich Form Builder that enabled a number of awesome customizations and the payment connectors that worked perfectly for collecting donations. You can learn more about Keshet at www.keshetonline.org.

In their words: “We’re really excited about how customizable FormAssembly is. It’s opening new doors for us with each new form. We’re looking forward to exploring FormAssembly’s other connectors, prefilled forms, and additional functionality in the near future.” – Jodi Nemser-Abrahams, Director of Data and Systems

Case Study: Year Up

Year Up provides young adults from low-income backgrounds with a one-year intensive training program that helps them develop important skills and includes college credit and corporate internships. FormAssembly helped Year Up move from a mix of various paper and web forms, which reduced the efficiency of processes and left Year Up’s workflows open to error, to a streamlined FormAssembly solution. Year Up uses FormAssembly for internship timesheets and student interest forms, among other things. For more information about Year Up, visit their website: https://www.yearup.org/opportunity-divide/.

In their words: “We’re looking into where else we can use [FormAssembly], because we’ve had such great success.” – Kelly Hardebeck, Director of Application Development

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