Higher Ed

Higher Ed Summit 2018 Event Recap

The 2018 Higher Ed Summit, an annual event hosted by, took place this past March in Washington, D.C. The FormAssembly team was excited to attend this great event alongside campus staff, administrators, and Salesforce professionals from a variety of different institutions.

“Education Empowered”

Attendees heard from dynamic keynote speakers like former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the Honorable Charles F. Bolden, and Guy Kawasaki. Sessions focused around the central theme of “Education Empowered” and covered a range of topics from admissions, to best practices, to data analytics in higher education.

Presenting with Towson University

Our Channel Solutions Engineer, Peter Bernardi, had the opportunity to co-lead a breakout session with Aseloka Smith, Senior Salesforce Administrator at Towson University. The topic of their presentation was “The Power of Integrating University-Wide Data Collection,” and highlighted how Towson University uses FormAssembly to manage their events and campaign members.

“Before we implemented our FormAssembly solution, we had a very manual process,” Smith shared. “Someone would have to go in and check a campaign member, and update their status manually. Once you get up to a thousand campaign members, this becomes unwieldy.”

FormAssembly has enabled Towson to not only update their data in real-time, but to reserve their specialized IT teams for bigger and more specialized projects across campus.

Don’t just collect data

— leverage it.