Case Study: Granny’s Finest

FormAssembly is international! We offer localized services in over 30 languages to organizations all over the world. Here’s a quick look at how Granny’s Finest uses FormAssembly for feedback forms, inventory upkeep, and invoice records — all the way from beautiful Holland!

Granny’s Finest brings young designers and retired women (“grannies”) together in knitting clubs across the Netherlands, where they collaborate to create handmade knitwear. The mission of Granny’s Finest is to grow communities where both the elderly and the younger generation can share their expertise, team up on creative projects, and enjoy each other’s company.

In the past, Granny’s Finest used paper forms to collect feedback. “They were low tech,” said Co-Founder Niek van Hengel. “We use Salesforce as our CRM, so there was a lot of manual data entry.” It was slow, time-consuming, and costly for the team’s limited resources. They needed to automate the process, so they turned to FormAssembly and its robust Salesforce integration.

Now, with FormAssembly forms, Granny’s Finest can get the form data directly in Salesforce. “It’s very cool,” Niek said. “The forms can talk to Salesforce, create and update objects.”

Granny’s Finest manages a total of 17 clubs, so it was challenging for the team to keep track of every club with paper forms. FormAssembly made it easier and faster for club organizers to request new supplies and give feedback on the club atmosphere with dynamic forms. The questions in feedback forms are mapped to corresponding objects in Salesforce. Whenever a form is submitted, the info is available instantly in the database. The team can see how each club is doing right away and restock inventory as needed.

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About Granny’s Finest

Granny’s Finest offers handmade knitwear, knitted and crocheted with natural yarn and care. The fashion label combines the creativity of young designers with the expertise of “grannies,” or grandmothers.

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