FormAssembly Partner Highlight: ScheduleOnce

At FormAssembly, we’re all about cutting out unnecessary process steps, getting the right information to the right place, and enabling meaningful connections between nonprofits and businesses and their clients. Many of our partners, like ScheduleOnce, have similar or complementary goals.

ScheduleOnce is an end-to-end scheduling solution that allows businesses to more easily connect with prospects and customers throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle. ScheduleOnce (which has a native integration to Salesforce) connects with all major calendar platforms, like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, and integrates with CRMs, web conferencing tools, and other online channels.

“We start by helping organizations connect with potential customers who are ready to engage,” said Amir Rubin, Head of Marketing at ScheduleOnce. “Without online scheduling, prospects are just filling out forms, shooting their information into the dark, with no idea if or when someone will get back to them.”

From Leads to Qualified Opportunities

ScheduleOnce speeds up and enriches the lead generation process by allowing prospects to schedule demos and consultations directly from an organization’s website. This allows businesses to connect with high-quality prospects faster and with less back-and-forth. When a booking is made, calendars and CRM apps are automatically updated with meeting and prospect details.

Once leads are generated, companies often want to upgrade them from a lead to a qualified opportunity. But catching prospects on the phone to schedule follow-up appointments is harder than ever with the packed schedules that many business professionals have. ScheduleOnce provides businesses a simple way to request meetings with prospects and provides prospects a hassle-free scheduling experience that only requires selecting a meeting time.

Onboarding and Beyond

Once a customer has chosen to work with your company, they expect a smooth onboarding process; delivering this will help build a stronger relationship in the long-run. With ScheduleOnce, the onboarding flow is improved in terms of scheduling setup, training, and installation sessions.

Impressive Results

ScheduleOnce works with small businesses to medium-sized enterprises in a variety of industries, including technology, financial services, and education. Wherever there are customers, ScheduleOnce helps improve the way companies interact with them. The results are impressive. Some of the biggest improvement and enhancements seen by ScheduleOnce customers include:

  • 3X better conversion rates
  • 2X faster time-to-engagement numbers
  • 50 percent time savings

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ScheduleOnce + FormAssembly

ScheduleOnce and FormAssembly can be used together to create a lead generation process that gets more done in fewer steps. When gathering lead information through FormAssembly forms, you can choose to direct respondents to a page allowing them to schedule a meeting time through ScheduleOnce. ScheduleOnce automatically creates an event in the respondent’s calendar and puts you on the path to connecting with up to three times more prospects.

Here are a few examples of how customers can use FormAssembly and ScheduleOnce together:

  • FormAssembly + ScheduleOnce: Lead information gathered in a FormAssembly form is passed to ScheduleOnce, after which a lead selects a meeting time (no further information-gathering needed). ScheduleOnce places a meeting event in the lead’s and the sales/marketing rep’s calendar. Notifications sent before the event keep both parties on track.
  • FormAssembly + ScheduleOnce + Salesforce: In cases where leads gathered in FormAssembly are passed to Salesforce, after the form is submitted by the user, a new contact gets created in Salesforce and that contact’s ID is passed to ScheduleOnce. This means that leads don’t need to provide any additional information a company already has, and the correct Salesforce record is always updated when the meeting is scheduled.

When used together, FormAssembly and ScheduleOnce allow you to create a simple, streamlined lead generation process that fills your calendar with qualified lead meetings and keeps your Salesforce account updated with the most recent customer interaction information.

Many thanks to ScheduleOnce for being part of our Partner Highlight Series! Our ongoing series gives you an in-depth look at all of the awesome business partners that help us help our customers. If you partner with FormAssembly and you’d like to share your story, we’d love to hear it! Fill out this form to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll reach out to you with next steps.

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