FormAssembly Partner Highlight: fullOpp

Many of our amazing partners are consulting groups that use FormAssembly as a part of a larger solution for their clients.

We’re incredibly grateful for these organizations and all others that we partner with, because they help us spread information about FormAssembly and how it can help businesses of all sizes in all industries.

Today we’re highlighting fullOpp, a partner of ours who specializes in Salesforce consulting. Keep reading to hear about their impressive work and unique business philosophy.

Partner Highlight: fullOpp

fullOpp is a Salesforce consulting company based and focused in South Florida. They serve around 70 clients, and their work focuses on various areas of Salesforce, including Sales, Service and Community Cloud. Though their clients are all in the South Florida area, they are spread across multiple industries, from healthcare to finance to technology.

“Our business philosophy is to be a initiative-focused organization: work together with the customer’s business initiatives, understanding their processes and goals first, and then aligning their Salesforce to deliver their needs in the most efficient way,” said Erick Mahle, fullOpp founder.

fullOpp focuses on helping clients new to Salesforce, as well as clients with some Salesforce experience under their belts, streamline their work with the help of Salesforce configurations.

What Sets fullOpp Apart

fullOpp offers a wide range of Salesforce-related services: implementation, administration, marketing, and training, to name just a few. But what really sets them apart is their focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with their clients. They aim to fully understand the client’s work processes and why they do what they do, so they can offer a more useful, targeted solution.

“For us it’s all a matter of quality, not quantity,” Mahle said.

Though they are a Salesforce consultancy, Mahle said they identify more as technology strategists who use Salesforce as a means to solve organizational problems.

“No matter what the challenge is, we know that with Salesforce, we can address it,” Mahle said.

fullOpp benefits professionals from Associate-level to VP-level by using Salesforce solutions to cut out unnecessary, repetitive work like data entry and make room for a greater focus on key business goals.

FormAssembly Use Internally

fullOpp uses FormAssembly forms to help streamline meetings with clients and organize action items.

Before FormAssembly, they took a large amount of notes in meetings with clients, capturing all sorts of ideas and to-dos. Handling this information in Salesforce was just too difficult, so fullOpp created a meeting form that could be accessed from a button in Salesforce.

The new form gives the ability to assign work items on the spot and keeps all stakeholders in the loop on a project. In addition, the Salesforce connected form keeps notes neat and centralized and saves lots of effort and time that would have been spent on note-taking.

Mahle estimated the form saves between half an hour to an hour of documentation time per meeting.

How fullOpp Uses FormAssembly With Clients

According to Mahle, FormAssembly is used with about 5 percent of their clients, but they believe there’s potential for it to be used with many more.

“It’s for sure our go-to form solution. If clients come to us we’ll always recommend FormAssembly.”

As fullOpp grows and focuses more on business development, Mahle said a goal of theirs is to find more ways to bring in the use of tools like FormAssembly.

“We know there’s a potential for many other customers to be able to leverage a form solution like this,” Mahle said. “The possibilities are endless with what FormAssembly is doing.”

Mahle said fullOpp sees potential of using FormAssembly for a variety of uses with clients, from contact forms to payment processing to e-signatures, and sees FormAssembly as a great solution for businesses because it’s easy to get FormAssembly up and running quickly without a lot of configuration needed.

“The thing that I’m constantly impressed about FormAssembly, is the ability to consistently generate different use cases,” Mahle said. “It’s really exciting to know the possibilities and keep discovering more every day.”


We’re so grateful to Erick Mahle for sharing the fullOpp story! If you have a partner or customer story you’d like to tell us, feel free to fill out this form and we’ll contact you about next steps in working on an article about your FormAssembly experience.

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