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Gameflow Interactive Opts for FormAssembly as the Registration Form Maker of Choice

Nick Keenan,


Case Study Snapshot

The team at Gameflow Interactive builds custom WordPress integrations with a shared Salesforce partner app called PatronManager. PatronManager handles fundraising, ticket sales, and other activities for cultural and performing arts organizations including museums, festivals, music venues, and more. Over the past year, Nick and his team developed a new Arts Class Registration integration for PatronManager using FormAssembly. FormAssembly’s intuitive registration form maker allows arts organizations to leverage the power of real-time data in Salesforce.

About Gameflow Interactive

  • Organization’s mission is to build strategic and engaging websites and brands
  • Projects are designed to activate an audience through kinetic storytelling and empathy
  • Serves high-performance cultural organizations where the website is the hub of activity

The numbers


class registrations in 90 days


financial aid requests processed with FormAssembly


balance payment requests processed with FormAssembly


staff minutes saved per application

The Need

The Need for an eCommerce Experience

This inevitably requires different sales funnels that either focus on engagement or demand.

Nick pointed out that the majority of education programs have a mix of tuition and scholarship-based programming. This inevitably requires different sales funnels that either focus on engagement or demand. In the selling process, large groups or schools versus individual parents also have extremely different needs.

When facing these complexities, Nick and his team identified the need for an eCommerce-like experience during the process of registering for camps, classes, and other activities. Selling class registrations as a ticket created a large amount of manual follow-up, which was burdensome for organizations with small teams. It was also difficult to guarantee the safety and privacy of this information because it was collected via WordPress.

The Solution

A Secure Solution with Real-Time Benefits

A few key features helped solidify FormAssembly as the perfect registration form maker for Gameflow Interactive and its clients.

An innovative cart-like registration option for camps and classes completely transformed this process for end users (parents and students) and the organizations that served them. A few key features helped solidify FormAssembly as the perfect registration form maker for Gameflow Interactive and its clients.

Industry-Leading Security
Although Gameflow Interactive is a WordPress agency, it saw an issue with collecting personal information about students through that platform. Since typical WordPress e-commerce solutions save a copy of data in the site database, this data can easily be exposed to hacking attempts. Handling checkout and customer data using FormAssembly’s rigorous security features ensures that data is firewalled appropriately.

Custom Branding
Nick reported that FormAssembly’s CSS and JavaScript capability is another reason it works so well. Each organization requires unique branding and a clear, cohesive image. The scriptable language within FormAssembly makes it easy to create professional, branded forms that adapt to the unique business practices of each organization

Hidden Fields
In the case of Gameflow Interactive, Nick reports that form respondents may see only 50% of what’s contained in an actual form. While it may sound shocking, a great deal of a form’s capability and power is behind the scenes. Since registration forms often handle discounts, fees, multiple students and other advanced objects, nested objects are critical. Additionally, Gameflow incorporates a secret variable that allows each form to switch to Admin Mode, providing greater flexibility for on-the-spot data capture.

Use Cases

Arts Class Registration Process

The new-and-improved registration process is in use at youth theaters in Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Florida.

Gameflow Interactive’s primary use case involves an Arts Class Registration system that enables organizations to handle the publication and registration process for classes and camps. The process is powered by four main FormAssembly forms that provide the following services:

  • Registration of new students
  • Wait lists for high-demand classes
  • Scholarship applications
  • Balance payment for partial payments

From a website perspective, Gameflow Interactive can support an immense catalogue of courses and camps that can be filtered and sorted by type—a true win for user experience. There is also a cart-like checkout system that allows for multiple registrations at one time, with data flowing from FormAssembly into Salesforce. Not only does this improve usability, but it also creates a reservoir of customer purchase history data.

Upon registration, FormAssembly also takes care of the checkout step. This is handled through or the Stripe connector. Since WordPress is not the best environment for this, FormAssembly creates an option for secure, seamless payment collection.

By using FormAssembly, Nick and his team at Gameflow Interactive serve a variety of organizations relating to fine arts, dance, music, museums, and theater.

“These organizations don’t necessarily have a huge marketing reach, but they each become a hub of entertainment and enrichment for their community,” Nick said.

In many ways, FormAssembly is the vehicle by which that reach to the community is extended even further.


What’s Next?

Nick and the team at Gameflow Interactive are committed to serving the needs of high-performance arts and cultural organizations. By expanding the current reach of FormAssembly projects, they can develop more solutions in even more unique ways.

In the near future, they’ll be developing a field trip form to better accommodate the needs of schools when booking group trips for students. Upcoming projects also include forms that manage audition pipelines and multi-venue subscriptions, which often require detailed tracking and integrations.

“FormAssembly has allowed us to facilitate really complex solutions that greatly help these organizations,” Nick said.


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