Case Study: Fresno Pacific University

Here’s a quick glance at how Fresno Pacific University uses FormAssembly!

Fresno Pacific University is a leading Christian university that develops students for leadership and service through excellence in higher education.

An Easy Decision

Before FormAssembly, Fresno Pacific University didn’t have many online forms that integrated with their information systems. “Feedback was often gathered through stand-alone survey tools,” said Jonathan Maher, Director of Systems Analysis.

Jonathan found us through StackExchange, where someone pointed out that it was easy to upload attachments with FormAssembly. After a demo, Jonathan said it was an easy decision — and the right price.

For FPU, FormAssembly’s greatest feature is its Salesforce integration. “The fact that it directly writes into Salesforce, and that you can query the Salesforce database to prefill a survey — makes it easier for so many people on our team.”

Use-Case: Tutoring Center Feedback

Many departments at FPU use FormAssembly in their processes. For example, once a student finishes a session at the Tutoring Center, a feedback survey is automatically triggered in Salesforce and emailed to the student.

email survey link

survey form example

salesforce form data example

Once the student submits their response, FormAssembly will push the data to Salesforce, where the survey information instantly appears on the student’s record.

Use-Case: Petition of Academic Probation

The university’s process for petitioning academic probation used to involve a paper form. “Last semester, we used a hybrid model of an old-fashioned form and a FormAssembly form,” said Jonathan. The online forms were so successful that FPU switched over completely to FormAssembly.

On the online form, there are large spaces for essays that explain why the student did not do well in a class. “There’s no data entry for the staff, no copy and paste involved,” Jonathan said. “And we have a permanent record of exactly what the student said. It’s more standardized, and easier to take action.”

Use-Case: Recent Graduates Survey

FPU sends a follow-up survey to all recent graduates. With Salesforce, they can check whether an alum was surveyed, and when they sent email and phone reminders to the alum. FormAssembly can prefill the information from the alumni records, so that it’s much easier for the graduates to check and update their contact info. The data is then automatically passed, and FPU staff can check the new data against possible errors and mis-entry right away.

Looking Ahead with FormAssembly

Now, FPU is looking into further developing their student applications and enhancing their alumni surveys to make even better use of FormAssembly.

“The way FormAssembly works with Salesforce query — we’re really really happy with that. There’s a lot of things we can do. What was slow and old-fashioned before — we can modernize very quickly,” said Jonathan.

Our many thanks to Fresno Pacific University and Jonathan Maher for sharing their processes with us!

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