Case Study: Clore Social Leadership

Clore Social Leadership, a U.K. charity that runs leadership development programs for “emerging leaders,” used FormAssembly to replace a paper form and spreadsheet-based process and gain greater insight into the impact of their programs. They implemented FormAssembly through Salesforce consultant and FormAssembly partner Frazer Lewis of Rephrase Consulting.

About Clore Social Leadership

Clore Social Leadership’s goal is to help social sector leaders hone and grow their leadership skills. They primarily focus on “emerging leaders,” who are social sector professionals with some experience as a leader.

Their main mechanism of leadership development are programs that admit approximately 20 people each and are based on two different models: the Social Leaders Capabilities Model and the Leadership Development Model, which provide frameworks for leader growth. During the programs, participants go through various workshops, coaching sessions, and group activities, all aimed at creating more effective leaders and starting a chain reaction in the social sector.

“It’s like a cascade, a ripple effect,” said Iga Wojtasik, program coordinator. “Through better leaders you create better-led organizations who are then able to create more impact for the beneficiaries.”

FormAssembly + Rephrase Consulting

Clore Social Leadership worked closely with Frazer Lewis at Rephrase Consulting on their Salesforce account and the associated FormAssembly forms. That, combined with the simplicity of FormAssembly itself, created an all-around painless experience for Clore Social Leadership.

“It’s amazing. Frazer is just always on it and available to help at short notice whenever anything goes wrong or we’re uncertain about anything. He’s creative when it comes to FormAssembly. He’s always thinking of different ways to address our needs using the best of FormAssembly and Salesforce and considering what our objectives are for the data we collect,” Wojtasik said.

FormAssembly Use Cases

Clore Social Leadership’s recruitment process is powered by FormAssembly and Salesforce. They use FormAssembly to collect data before, during and after their leadership development programs.

Before choosing FormAssembly, Clore Social Leadership relied on paper forms and spreadsheets to gather and store information.

“Every process was quite burdensome and lengthy before. It involved much more time and capacity from the staff in the organization to actually work through applications. Data had to be transferred manually from one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet,” Wojtasik said.

Application Forms

Clore Social Leadership uses FormAssembly to process the hundreds of applications they get for programs and to gather references from people nominating their employees.

“Essentially, the form is split into two parts. Part one, the applicant enters their contact details and nominator details, and that sends a survey through Salesforce to the nominator to fill out a different form with references for that applicant,” Wojtasik said. “Then, the applicant continues on to the second part of that form, which is more detailed, and asks about their leadership potential, their aspirations, and why they want to be on the program. All that information gets stored into Salesforce, and then we use Salesforce to sift through the applications and remove the ineligible ones, then undertake the assessment process.”

application form example

Program Feedback

They also use FormAssembly to gain valuable feedback from people who’ve completed their programs that helps them to continually improve the education and development services they offer.

“It’s provides us with immediate data on what people found impactful or helpful, relevant or not at all. It helps us alter the content of the program based on immediate feedback so we know what works, what doesn’t, and what people want more of,” Wojtasik said.

Impact Measurement

Impact measurement is a “hot topic” conversation in the U.K., Wojtasik said, and it’s a recent focus of their FormAssembly use.

self assesment screenshot

“We’ve started to use FormAssembly to assess impact of the program by collecting self-reported measurements on a set of capabilities before people undertake the program and after completion and comparing them. That’s been incredibly useful and quite groundbreaking,” Wojtasik said. “For the first time we were actually able to demonstrate a significant increase in people’s self-reported measurements and their manager’s measurements across the six capabilities. It was the first time we could actually say that there’s a visible difference in people’s understanding, confidence and performance from the beginning to the end of the program that is created as a result of the content of the program.”

Not only does this allow Clore Social Leadership to understand the benefit of the program, it’s also helping them to prove the program’s value to outside entities.

“It’s really helpful in demonstrating the impact to funders and to potential future partners, to actually prove the value of our programs. We have also been able to demonstrate the impact of our programs to participant’s employers, so that they can see that the investment they’ve made in that person, by putting them on the program has made a positive difference to their organization,” Wojtasik said.

Don’t just collect data

— leverage it.