Case Study: Aetna

Aetna Pharmacy Management is a full-service benefits manager of prescription drug insurance. Aetna’s total health focus helps promote clinically appropriate, cost-effective care. Aetna offers solutions and online tools to help and support pharmacies, pharmacists, patients, and customers.

A more efficient Salesforce solution

Aetna’s customer relations management is powered by Salesforce. “Salesforce is our book of record. We use it in pretty much every aspect,” said Becca Allen, Salesforce Developer and Administrator for Aetna.

Before FormAssembly, the Aetna staff dealt with manual re-entry of Salesforce data. But they needed a more efficient solution. They needed to send the data into Salesforce automatically.

At first, Aetna staff needed just one Web-to-Case form for the internal website. Members would fill out the form to report an issue, and the issue would get sent directly and automatically into Salesforce as a case.

Rolling out forms with FormAssembly

After researching their options, the Aetna staff found FormAssembly, and quickly rolled out the form. “Being able to tie the form to multiple standard and custom objects, being able to do prefills — those were very useful features,” Becca said.

“We were also impressed with how easy it was to create and update the form, and that we were able to post the form on the internal website or have the form available on a public website.”

Aetna Pharmacy Management has now used FormAssembly to roll out multiple Web-to-Case forms and account management surveys with prefilled fields, so that updating records is a smooth and simple process.

Our thanks to Aetna Pharmacy Management and to Becca Allen for sharing their use cases with us!

Don’t just collect data

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