Case Study: 1871

If you manage a large organization that gets a constant flow of new members and guests, that means a lot of information you need to track. You want to make sure that your database is current and accurate, but without sacrificing huge blocks of time. 1871, a co-working hub for tech startups, keeps things updated and running smoothly with flexible web forms.

With a shared space of 50,000 square feet, 3 accelerator programs, and 250 startups that call 1871 their office, it was a challenge for the 1871 team to keep up to date with all moving parts. “We needed to monitor our startups, manage billing, and maintain relevant metrics for our programs,” said Jasmine Slivka, Executive Assistant. “There were all these different pieces of data in play.”

Previously, 1871 used 3 different systems to create online forms, which meant the data was stuck in separate places. The team needed a solution that could plug into Salesforce and automate the updates. “It’s not just about capturing data, but how you use it,” said Jasmine. “When my teammates discovered how we were using FormAssembly, they said, ‘Wow, this is really amazing.'”

With FormAssembly, 1871 merged systems, switched from 3 tools to one, and set up an efficient process for several forms.

New Member Form

The new member registration form covers different membership types using conditional logic to show or hide relevant sections. “It’s uniquely helped operations,” said Jasmine. “Whether you’re a new member or a new company entering the space, it’s the same exact form.”

In addition, the ability to capture files and save progress is critical, said Jasmine. File uploads eliminate the extra step of having to ask for a logo or a headshot, while save & resume allows new members to fill out the application at their own pace and return to it later, if necessary.

Email notifications and auto-responders make it possible to send form responses to multiple people, including the IT team, who then set up new members with WiFi logins and keycards. Jasmine said it’s simplified the workflow and eliminated extra steps.

Most importantly, the form instantly updates existing records or creates new ones in Salesforce. The team no longer has to manually feed the information into the database with paper and digital spreadsheets. “It’s so helpful,” said Jasmine. “And it ensures the data stays consistent and accurate.”

form builder example

Stay-in-Touch Survey

Every 6 months, 1871 offers touchpoints for members to update their information or give feedback. “The data is constantly changing, so it’s important for us to reach out,” said Jasmine.

Behind the scenes, the surveys have a complex setup with the fields mapped to different custom Salesforce objects. On the front end, 1871 uses URL prefilling to pre-load information that’s already in Salesforce, so members only have to fill in what’s missing or outdated. Said Jasmine, “It’s been great for engagement and improving the response rate.”


Check-In System

1871 also uses FormAssembly for the front desk check-in system. In the past, guests used a paper form to check in. Now, guests sign themselves up using a form which uses a Salesforce lookup to match the name and email, and sends the new or updated data to Salesforce.

Jasmine said that 1871 is now equipped to handle constant changes faster and more effectively, whether it’s a simple phone number update or several new additions to a member team. “We’re tremendously happy with FormAssembly.”

Our thanks to 1871 and Jasmine for giving us a look into how they use FormAssembly!


1871 is a Chicago hub and coworking space for technology startups, located downtown in the Merchandise Mart. The 75,000 sq. ft. facility is home to over 275 startups, 3 accelerator programs (and growing), and several VC and University partners.


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