GDPR Data Request Form Template

Collect Customer Requests.Comply With the GDPR.

With our GDPR Data Request Form Template you can create a form for your organization to collect requests from your EU resident customers to access, rectify, delete or object to further processing of the personal data you have for them.

Having a form like this helps you comply with the GDPR requirement to “provide means for requests to be made electronically, especially where personal data are processed by electronic means.” (Recital 59)

GDPR Rights That Customers Possess

  • Right to access (Art. 121314 and 15 and Art. 20, right to data portability)
  • Right to rectification (Art. 16)
  • Right to erasure or restriction of processing (Art. 1718 and 21)

Our GDPR data request form template satisfies the requirement of the GDPR to provide an electronic way to for customers to act on their rights under the GDPR.

Key Sections Covered in the GDPR Data Request Form

The request form includes specific information to help you successfully process your customer’s request:

  • Collecting the respondent’s name and proof of identity
  • Collect the respondent’s address and proof of that address
  • Collecting what kind of request is being made
  • Explaining what will happen to the data that’s submitted in the GDPR data request form
  • Explaining how the request will be processed

Read more about the specifics of this information, why it is included in the form, and what other steps to implement in your GDPR data request form process.

Access the Template in FormAssembly

Accessing the GDPR data request form template is easy. Simply go to the link below, and log in to your FormAssembly Account to access the template.

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