Case Study: Prialto

Prialto provides remote personal assistants for US-based sales teams and executives. With employees spread across three countries and numerous projects, over-communication is key. FormAssembly works with Prialto’s CRM tool, Salesforce, to implement a consistent and effective feedback loop for Prialto.

Giving and receiving real-time feedback keeps employees engaged by allowing teammates to suggest improvements and managers to oversee the service quality. Feedback also allows Prialto’s members to keep track of what their team is working on at all times.

To facilitate gathering and analyzing feedback between members, assistants, and managers, Prialto created an internal feedback loop. Each feedback element is powered by FormAssembly and plugged directly into the company’s Salesforce instance, which means the information is easily and automatically available for review — and the loop can quickly move forward.

Weekly Management Reports

Prialto’s productivity assistants send weekly reports — one part of the feedback loop — to their managers via FormAssembly. The report flags the times and ways in which the assistant has interacted with the executives he serves. The form pushes information directly into the member’s and the employee’s Salesforce records, so managers can review the information immediately.

The updated records help managers divide tasks for the entire team, monitor service quality, and offer timely guidance.

Employee Recognition

Prialto refers to the company’s core values — these traits form the basis of employee evaluations, program design, and service delivery in each of Prialto’s international offices. Each month, teammates nominate each other for an award based on these values. Their medium is a FormAssembly form, another part of Prialto’s feedback loop. The nominations are sent directly to the nominated employees’ Salesforce records, where they can turn into awards or serve as encouragement for the next evaluation cycle.

Collaborative Hiring

Hiring at Prialto is a team process. When a candidate comes in for an interview, he typically speaks with anywhere from 4 to 6 staff members across offices. Each time an employee interviews someone, she enters her opinion of the candidate on a designated FormAssembly form. The information then feeds directly into the candidate’s Salesforce record, to be pulled up alongside the other opinions during hiring meetings. The information’s centralization and instant availability helps speed up the hiring process.

Feedback is an essential element of Prialto’s business and enables employees to learn and grow. Through the feedback loop, FormAssembly has made it possible for Prialto to collect and apply constructive feedback and nurture an efficient, productive and professional workplace.

Prialto provides turnkey administrative services to meet the needs of today’s global business realities. We combine people, process, and technology to advise and offload administrative work from growing companies. Our productivity teams of personal assistants and engagement managers optimize and power individual workflows to boost productivity. To learn more, visit us at

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