How ElevateActual Helps Jviation Use FormAssembly to Achieve Goals

We recently sat down with a former FormAssembly team member, Peter Bernardi, to discuss how his consulting firm ElevateActual helps clients transform their processes using FormAssembly. As a former FormAssembly Channel Solutions Engineer, Peter has an in-depth understanding of the power of FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration, and his unique perspective from working with partners and clients makes him a great fit for our “Talk Data to Me” conversation. Read on to learn more about Peter’s take on data, and how one mutual client, Jviation, experiences especially transformative results with the help of FormAssembly and ElevateActual.

The Form Advocate

Peter Bernardi,
Principal Consultant

Tell us about ElevateActual?

ElevateActual is a boutique consulting firm focused on Salesforce for higher education and government; we work primarily in spaces where grants are needed. In higher education, we work with super advanced use cases. Since larger consulting firms often don’t engage on that level, it benefits the client to have a team like ElevateActual, with 1-3 people working on a project. On the government side of things, we’re taking teams from nothing to an established solution by helping those individuals understand new data processes.

During my time as Channel Solutions Engineer at FormAssembly, I gained firsthand experience in the world of Salesforce consulting and developed strong relationships that allowed me to develop a business. When the opportunity to work with Jviation presented itself, I took ElevateActual full-time.

Tell us about how you got started with Jviation?

Jviation is a planning, design, engineering, and construction administration firm that delivers professional services and delivery solutions to federal, regional, and local government agencies. Jviation focuses on minimizing burden during large-scale projects and helps provide management throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Since Jviation is a private company that serves existing government entities, it works differently than a higher education organization. In the higher ed space, the main goal is enablement. Higher ed clients may have Salesforce people already in place, but they want to better enable their resources and have someone come in and provide training.

For a government-focused client like Jviation, I’m known as the “tech guy.” To get started, I had to come in and learn to speak the language of their industry. What they really want is a better online system to manage their data. For me, this means translating that need into a FormAssembly and Salesforce architecture.

Use Case

What are the Jviation’s specific use cases?

Jviation is mainly using FormAssembly to collect a ton of survey responses that fall into two categories. There are passenger surveys for full commercial service that poll travelers about their trips, and ask them why they are using a particular airport.

There are also airport management surveys, which are much more complex. These surveys cover the resources that airports currently have in place and provide data on the physical aspects like runways, terminals, etc.

What were Jviation’s main pain points?

Before they had FormAssembly and Salesforce, Jviation was spending the majority of their project timelines focused only on data collection. They were sending out paper surveys that people wouldn’t do, so staff would have to travel to various airports to ask questions in person. It was a huge pain point to not have responses stored online, because they were working from massive Excel spreadsheets.

What results did you help them achieve with FormAssembly?

By using the FormAssembly solution, we can take an 18-month project and scale it down to 8-9 months. For the client, this is helping to create huge profitability. We’re seeing better response rates in 2 days than they’d previously seen on paper in 4 months.

Jviation contracts with state aviation authorities and departments who are accountable to the Federal Aviation Administration. They also work directly with airports who are planning major renovation projects. Quicker turnaround benefits all clients as they report directly to higher authorities and important stakeholders.

"FormAssembly has provided our company with innovative, reliable, and affordable methods to connect with our clients and collect data for external and internal projects. FormAssembly has provided us with an edge over our competition at great value. One of our business lines is providing statewide system planning and economic impact studies, for which FormAssembly has been a key to new leading edge business processes,” TK Gwin, Statewide Program Manager, Jviation

What are some of the other common data issues you help clients solve?

We’re creating ways to stay ahead of the competition. What we know is that most of our client’s direct competitors are still working on paper.

Data Takeaway

Whether you’re working in higher education, government, or another industry, FormAssembly is a highly flexible web form solution that transforms the data collection process from a set of pain points to a series of successes. As is the case with ElevateActual and Jviation, clients can enjoy spending less time collecting the same data, with the ability to create better profitability in the long run. Over time, these results create a path for better strategic planning for clients and more sustainable results for vested stakeholders.

Want to be a part of FormAssembly’s Talk Data to Me conversation? Find out how to connect with us at Dreamforce in September!

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