Save & Resume Gets a Major Update: Self-Service Password Recovery, Multi-Response Management and more

We’ve just rolled out some significant improvements to the save and resume process. In particular, we’ve improved the respondent-facing aspects of the process to make it easier and faster for respondents to complete and submit their applications.

Self-Service Password Reset

We added a “Forgot your password?” link to the resume screen to facilitate the form submission process for the respondent. Previously, if the respondent forgot the password used when saving the form, he or she would have to contact the form owner to have the password reset. The new password reset will streamline the process for both the respondent and the form owner.

Multiple Response Management

Based on feedback from form owners, we noticed that respondents sometimes end up saving several versions of a partially-completed form before submitting it. We’ve created an entirely new interface for returning respondents who have more than one saved response.
As you can see, the page includes a list of all responses saved to the respondent’s email address, as well as the state of completion for each response. Completed responses do not appear in this list, as respondents cannot edit responses after submission. The completion states are:

  • Response incomplete: The respondent has saved the response, and has not yet attempted to submit it.
  • Response incomplete, submission not confirmed: This can only appear when the form in question has a confirmation step before final submission. This message indicates that the respondent has reached the confirmation page but has not yet successfully submitted the response.
  • Response incomplete, submission error: This message indicates that the respondent attempted to submit the form, but was stopped for some reason. This could happen because of a failed CAPTCHA attempt, because a connector failed, or another processing error.

Note that these messages are visible to the respondent, so he or she can see the status of the response. As the form owner, you will see saved, unconfirmed, and responses with a processing error in the “Incompletes” tab of the “My Responses” page.

Email Confirmation on Save

When a respondent saves a partially-completed response, they now receive an email notification reminding them that they’ve saved the form and where they can resume it. The system also now checks that a valid email address is entered, to ensure that email communications will be received.

“Finalize” Sends Auto-Responder

In a previous update, we made connectors run when a response is manually finalized, but did not have the auto-responder go to the respondent. Several users helpfully informed us they would like the auto-responder to send after manually finalizing a response, so we have added this behavior.


This update adds many new respondent-facing messages that needs to be localized. We’re in the process of updating our translation application. If you find that some texts are not localized in your language, you can contribute your translations here.
Many of these changes were based on feedback from users. We value your opinions and want to continue making FormAssembly more convenient for you. If you have comments, ideas, or suggestions, let us know! You can leave a comment here, send us an email, say hi on Twitter, or leave a suggestion on our UserVoice Forum.

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