New Feature! Restrict Values in Autosuggest Menus and Salesforce Dynamic Picklists


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FormAssembly releases come packed with small improvements that you may not always be aware of. One recent example of this includes a feature improvement that allows form creators to restrict the information that form respondents submit to only the values that are populated via Autosuggest menus and Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, allowing FormAssembly users to collect the exact information they are looking for.

Previously, both Autosuggest and Salesforce Dynamic Picklists allowed form respondents to enter any value. Respondents did not have to choose from the provided options from a CSV or Salesforce picklist.

This new improvement allows FormAssembly users to have multiple options in how they collect data utilizing these two specialized dropdown fields. While the option to allow free-form text input is still available by default, you can also lock down the fields to only accept responses from the options you’ve specified, such as those in a Salesforce picklist. All in all, this improvement is a big benefit for FormAssembly users that want to avoid getting data that they didn’t expect.

Learn more about what’s on our product roadmap and suggest features on our roadmap page. If you haven’t tried this feature, review our documentation on restricted values on Autosuggest menus and restricting values on Dynamic Picklists then log into your account or sign up for a trial today*!

*Autosuggest is available to Premier and up users; Salesforce Dynamic Picklists is available to Enterprise & Compliance Cloud users.

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