New Series! How’d You Do That? A Salesforce-FormAssembly How-To Series


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Starting this week, the team at FormAssembly is launching a new blog series: How’d You Do That? A Salesforce-FormAssembly How-To Series. This set of posts is designed specifically with you and your team in mind. As the Salesforce connector is one of the most popular connectors available, users often have many great questions about the ins and outs of using it alongside FormAssembly. The goal of this new series is to propel you to the next level in designing web forms capable of powerful Salesforce integration techniques.
New blog posts will be published every other week on Wednesdays. The first post in the series goes live next week on January 24. There will be a total of 8 relevant and engaging tutorials, featuring members of the FormAssembly team, as well as some guest posts from Salesforce experts. With a wide variety of use cases, you’re bound to discover a surprising new tip or technique that helps you become a form-building all-star.
Topics will cover a number of different ways to use FormAssembly in conjunction with Salesforce. To give a small snapshot, these topics include:

  • Creating a lead or updating a contact
  • Capturing form response data in a notes field in Salesforce
  • Connecting a contact’s lead source with an opportunity
  • Creating client onboarding forms linked with Salesforce
  • Prefilling Salesforce data for responses to view and edit

As always, our Customer Success team is ready and eager to help as you navigate new features. If a post piques your interest in a particular topic, or if you have trouble putting the how-to tips into practice, hop over to the Support page at any time.
Stay up-to-date with our new posts every other week on the FormAssembly blog page. You can also connect with us on Twitter to share thoughts and feedback by following @FormAssembly. If your team or organization has a unique use case, or if you’d like to share more about how the series is helping you grow, send us a message at [email protected].

Post Guide (Updated Periodically)

Tutorial 1: Back Up Form Submissions Into Salesforce Notes
Tutorial 2: Create Leads & Update Contacts if One Already Exists

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