[eBook] Cooking up Salesforce Success: 5 Salesforce + FormAssembly Tutorials to Spice Up Your Workflow


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Many Salesforce customers trust FormAssembly to streamline their data collection processes. While Salesforce is a great CRM, pairing it with FormAssembly takes it to the next level. There are dozens of game-changing ways to use these tools together to transform your workflow.

In our new Salesforce tutorial eBook, Cooking up Salesforce Success: 5 Top Salesforce-Web Form Recipes to Spice Up Your Organization’s Workflow, we walk through five of our most popular FormAssembly + Salesforce tutorials. If you’re looking for some new ways to use FormAssembly with Salesforce, this eBook is for you! In this blog, we’ll share a bit more about our new eBook and about FormAssembly’s powerful Salesforce integration capabilities.

About FormAssembly + Salesforce

For many Salesforce users, our all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform is the key to eliminating manual data entry and solving complex data collection problems. With our drag-and-drop form builder, robust Salesforce integrations, and high security and compliance standards, Salesforce users are able to save time, money, and resources when collecting data. Our platform allows users to build customized, Salesforce-integrated web forms with no developer or coding knowledge necessary.

That’s right: When a respondent fills out your web forms, all of that data will immediately populate in your Salesforce instance, helping you avoid tedious manual data entry and human error. Your forms will be able to create standard and custom objects, update existing records, prefill forms, create Chatter posts, and so much more. If you collect data and use Salesforce, you need FormAssembly!

What you’ll learn in the Salesforce tutorial eBook

Our new eBook is a combination of five of our most useful FormAssembly + Salesforce tutorials. Reference this document to learn:

  • How to operate more efficiently and execute organizational goals by exploring the FormAssembly + Salesforce connector
  • How to use multiple-criteria search to help respondents easily locate correct records in Salesforce and create cleaner, better-flowing forms
  • How to allow your employees to update information in Salesforce without granting them full Salesforce access
  • How to easily share leads with partners using FormAssembly’s HTTPS Connector and Pardot form handlers
  • How to use the Salesforce Import Tool to create Salesforce-connected web forms more quickly and easily than ever

With our new Salesforce tutorial eBook, you’ll be cooking up data collection success with FormAssembly and Salesforce in no time.

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