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The new Sensitive Data Management improvements are here! This new feature helps organizations uphold strong data governance and security practices by giving Compliance Cloud administrators granular control over sensitive data (Personally Identifiable Information, Protected Health Information, and General Sensitive Data) access. The improvements also add an additional level of security to the viewing of sensitive data in reports and responses.

This release signifies our continued dedication to helping our customers protect their data and upholding the highest standards for security. FormAssembly’s Compliance Cloud plan also includes HIPAA compliance and PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

“The need for secure data handling has never been greater. These powerful new features will empower our customers to achieve their mission while entrusting us to securely handle their data collection needs, be it personal information, health information, or payment information,” said Andy Hall, Application Security Engineer (former).

A few highlights of this sensitive data management feature include:

  • Fields containing sensitive data are flagged as sensitive in connector logs, when the data is sent through connectors, allowing Compliance Cloud customers visibility into the path sensitive data takes
  • User role permissions can be customized by Compliance Cloud administrators to allow people to collect or view sensitive data
  • Reports and responses containing sensitive data can be temporarily unlocked by Compliance Cloud users
  • Addition of a password sensitive data type
  • Ability to mark a file upload as sensitive

The sensitive data management release containing these improvements (5.2.0), went live to Professional and Premier accounts on Jan. 8 and to Enterprise and Compliance Cloud users on Jan. 30.

This release also gave the ability to restrict values in both Autosuggest menus and Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, and included a Stripe Connector update.

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