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We don’t have any webinars scheduled currently, but keep an eye out for new sessions in the near feature! Can’t wait? Check out our FormAssembly classes page for informative sessions led by our Customers Success team.

Data Privacy Deep Dive Webinar #3

GDPR for the U.S.: Lessons for U.S. businesses from the EU legislation

Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 2 p.m. EDT

The GDPR set heightened new standards for consumer privacy in the EU and fanned the flames of a global conversation around better, stricter data privacy. Even though the GDPR doesn’t apply to the U.S., it comprises several admirable best practices that U.S. businesses could use at their own organizations. In this webinar, co-hosts Ashley McAlpin, FormAssembly Director of Marketing, and Andy Hall, FormAssembly Application Security Engineer, look at some of these lessons and talk about how they can be repurposed for U.S. businesses.

Year of Unlimited Webinar #5:

Smart, customized forms with formulas

November 26, 2019, 2 p.m. EST

Join Andrea Hall, Manager of Implementation Services, and Maggie Tharp, Creative Manager, as they look at more of FormAssembly unlimited capabilities. This webinar will shine the spotlight on formulas and how they can be used to make your forms and processes simpler and more intuitive.

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Upcoming and Past Webinar News

Join Us for FormAssembly’s Summer Camp Webinar Series

Join Us for FormAssembly’s Summer Camp Webinar Series

Arts and crafts, campfire songs, s’mores—nothing sparks nostalgia like memories of summer camp. While we can’t promise to bring back all those activities, we invite you to a new camp experience, FormAssembly style! Join us this summer for a series of data collection...

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[Webinar] Welcome to FormAssembly Workflow

[Webinar] Welcome to FormAssembly Workflow

Are you feeling frustrated by a lack of visibility into your organization’s data collection processes? Is your team overwhelmed by disjointed data that are loosely connected through a mix of email, web and paper forms, spreadsheets, and other tedious steps? If so,...

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Watch Now: FormAssembly’s June 2021 Demo Webinar

Watch Now: FormAssembly’s June 2021 Demo Webinar

We hope you were able to tune in to our June 2021 demo webinar! Every month, we host a new version of this webinar to give our prospective users an opportunity to learn more about our web form builder and data collection platform. These webinars are a great way to...

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